Everything About PoshFriends Affiliate Program

Everything About PoshFriends Affiliate Program

Today, we shall delve into the Posh Friends affiliate program, which facilitates collaboration with esteemed casinos such as Casino-X and Joycasino. This program boasts sought-after commission plans with generous payouts, a relatively low Admin Fee, and a plethora of convenient payment systems. We have collated the pivotal information within a dedicated table.

Affiliate ProgramPoshFriends
BrandsCasino X, Joycasino
Commission ModelsRevenue Share, CPA, Hybrid
DealsUp To 35% of Net Revenue; Up To 500$ CPA
VerticalsCasino, Betting
LicenseCuracao (No. 8048/JAZ)
Payment MethodsBank Wire, Neteller, Webmoney, Skrill, Capitalist, Cryptocurrency

Regarding the PoshFriends Affiliate Program

As previously highlighted, the Posh Friends affiliate program collaborates with two major casinos: Casino-X and Joycasino. Notably, Casino-X also offers sports betting, thereby presenting an opportunity to attract not only casino enthusiasts but sports punters as well.

Within this affiliate partnership, three commission plans are available: Rev Share, CPA, and Hybrid. The maximum earning potential varies based on the chosen casino and the geographic origin of the attracted players.

The target markets for these casinos encompass Russia and the CIS, Scandinavia, Europe, and the Middle East. It’s imperative to note that the casinos, and consequently the affiliate program, do not entertain traffic from countries including the USA, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, South Africa, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and the UAE.

90 /100
Welcome $2000
Withdrawal 1 - 24 hours
Dep. methods

Bonus details

Deposit – $500 – $2000
Quantity – 100%
Max Payout – 10x Bonus value
Sticky – No
Free Spins – 200
Wagering – 30x b+d within 30 days. Max bet $5


Accepted players from

  • Great bonus package on first 5 deposits
  • Monthly cashback of 10%
  • Regular individual deposit bonuses
  • Weekly and monthly tournaments with large prize pools
  • Very fast payouts to e-wallets
  • Some popular game vendors are missing
  • There are limits to the maximum payout from the bonuses
89 /100
Welcome $2000
Withdrawal 0 - 72 hours
Dep. methods

Bonus details

Deposit – $500 – $2000
Quantity – 100%
Max Payout – No Limit
Sticky – No
Free Spins – 200
Wagering – 30x b+d within 7 days. Max bet $5


Accepted players from

  • A wide range of deposit bonuses
  • Monthly cashback of 10%
  • Regular tournaments for slot and live players
  • Large selection of licensed providers
  • There are sports betting
  • Cashback is credited with wager x3
  • There is no Amatic provider

Software Features of the Affiliate Program

The Posh Friends affiliate program prides itself on an elevated level of partner support. At any given moment, partners can access a gamut of current promotional materials, ranging from bespoke articles and banners to mini-games, tailored for integration on their platforms.

Additionally, the platform features a news feed that is updated at least weekly. This feed unveils information about new promotional materials and offers available in the casinos. Should the need arise, partners can liaise with a personal manager to request the creation of bespoke promotional content.

The platform also offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard. Here, partners can glean all the requisite insights regarding the clients they’ve brought on board, including diverse temporal and geographical breakdowns, the total count of transitions/deposits, and the profit garnered from each player. We will elucidate on these aspects in further detail.

Promotional Materials

Within the designated dashboard on our website, you can select the type of promotional material that piques your interest. It’s worth noting that offerings range from bespoke articles to an array of both static and dynamic banners, landing pages, mini-games, and so much more. You have the liberty to curate distinct advertising campaigns for each type of promotional material and monitor their performances via statistics. For a deeper dive into the details, one would be wise to consult their personal manager.


The analytics dashboard stands as the linchpin of any affiliate program. Posh Friends offers an exceptionally comprehensive panel, granting insights across myriad parameters. For instance, you can glean information regarding programs, promotional materials, trackers, SubID, landing pages, and players. Once the primary parameter is chosen, you can view temporal breakdowns, the overall count of player deposits/withdrawals, and delve into the nuances of traffic from various countries.

How Posh Friends works

Before engaging with the affiliate program, it’s paramount to acquaint oneself with its fundamental rules and terms. The website houses an exhaustive FAQ, shedding light on the pivotal aspects. We also ardently recommend that you immerse yourself in the complete set of guidelines to circumvent any unforeseen predicaments. For your convenience, we have extracted the cardinal rules into a distinct section and will also discuss the commission plans.

Collaboration Terms

  • Traffic Sources: Posh Friends recognizes a broad spectrum of traffic sources. However, the most esteemed sources include SEO-optimized websites, PPC (GoogleAdwords, Yandex.Direct), newsletters, app-based traffic, media advertising (teasers, banners, clickunders/popunders), SMM, and streams on YouTube|Twitch.
  • Traffic Language: It’s essential to be aware that referral links aren’t adaptive, implying that unique links need crafting for each country.
  • Prohibited Traffic Types: Within the affiliate program of Posh Friends, it’s strictly forbidden to lure users via deception, spam, or incentivized traffic.
  • Brand Traffic: Attracting branded traffic is not proscribed, but it’s compensated at fixed rates of 15% Rev Share and $35 CPA.
  • Cookie Alteration: Any manipulation or replacement of user cookies (cookie stuffing) is also strictly prohibited. Should any such misdemeanors be detected, the affiliate program reserves the right to terminate the partner’s account within the PoshFriends system without disbursing any accrued funds.

Partnership Models

Three standard partnership avenues are available to our associates:

  • Revenue Share – a percentage-based payout of the casino’s profit, ranging from 15% to 35%.
  • CPA (Cost Per Action) – a fixed payment for each initial deposit, spanning from $35 to $500.
  • Hybrid – a flexible collaboration model that amalgamates both Rev Share and CPA.

The calculation formula for the Revenue Share profit is delineated as:

Partner’s Income = ((100% – royalty) * NGR + (100% – royalty) * Betting – CP – (deposits + payouts) * 10%) x aff %

It’s pertinent to mention the ‘tiered system’ inherent to Revenue Share, determining payout percentages based on the volume of initial deposits during the reporting period.

Number of first depositsPercentage Revenue Share
0 – 1515%
16 – 3020%
31 – 5025%
51 – 9930%

For the CPA and Hybrid models, the partner’s payout amount hinges on the quality of traffic and the domicile of the recruited client, oscillating between $35 and $500. Payments are dispensed once the player amasses deposits totaling $100 or more. Players from Asia and select European nations necessitate a minimum deposit of $20. The foundational rate for the Hybrid model is set at $100 + 25% Revenue Share, with a player’s minimum deposit requirement being $15.

Prerequisite for the CPA payment model:

  • A minimum of 20 referred players who’ve made deposits.

Guide to Participating in the Posh Friends Program

To commence your association with the Posh Friends affiliate program, all you need do is register your account. Significantly, partner verification is non-mandatory, enabling immediate access to your dashboard to explore the affiliate functionality. Post-registration, one ought to add their traffic sources, then transition to crafting the referral link.

Registration with Posh Friends

The registration process is refreshingly straightforward and encompasses a solitary step, wherein you’ll establish your account:

  1. Input your username and email address.
  2. Concoct a robust password.
  3. Provide your first and last name.
  4. Furnish your mobile phone number and Skype/Telegram handles.
  5. Authenticate your email address by following the link dispatched in the received correspondence.

Acquisition of an Affiliate Link and Getting Started

Upon registration, it’s imperative to sign into your affiliate dashboard, proceeding then to the tab labeled “generate referral link”. Subsequently, follow this straightforward procedure:

  1. Opt for an affiliate program.
  2. Select a promotional type (link, banner, branding, demo-games, click-under, video).
  3. Choose a suitable promotional material.
  4. Pick a landing page for your content.

Further, you’ll be required to determine the page’s language and retrieve the code. We also advise annotating the title, SubID, and source, aiding in subsequent traffic analysis. If your clientele is from regions where casino sites are government-blocked, utilizing a redirector might be prudent.

Partner Remunerations

As previously mentioned, the following payment methods are at your disposal: electronic wallets (Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Capitalist, ecoPayz), bank transfers, and a spectrum of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC). The minimum withdrawal amount stands at $20, while for bank transfers, it’s pegged at $2,000.

Payouts are administered once during the reporting interval (calendar month), within five days of the succeeding month’s onset. Alterations to payment details should be made no later than 3 days prior to the month’s culmination.

Negative Balance

A negative balance transpires when the revenue garnered by a referred player exceeds their deposit. Consequently, the casino’s profit and, by extension, the affiliate’s, plummets into the negatives. However, fret not, as the Posh Friends affiliate program nullifies this deficit at the reporting period’s termination, ensuring it doesn’t spill over to the subsequent month.

Why Opt for Posh Friends?

The Posh Friends affiliate program boasts an array of merits, including the absence of negative balance carryover without prerequisites, access to a plethora of payment methods, and prevalent commission plans. On the downside, one could point to the not-so-lavish percentages via Rev Share, the rather lofty minimum withdrawal for bank transfers, and the monthly restriction on withdrawals.


  • Accessibility to not only casinos but also sports betting.
  • Absence of negative balance carryover.
  • Welcoming of branded traffic.
  • Generous CPA rates (up to $500).


  • Not the most lucrative Revenue Share percentages.
  • Selective acceptance of traffic from certain countries.
  • CPA/Hybrid available solely for verified partners.


In summation, the Posh Friends affiliate program meets every criterion essential for a fruitful collaboration. It offers a diverse range of commission plans, an abundance of pertinent promotional materials, and an exemplary client support level. This, combined with the ability to attract both casino and betting traffic, provides webmasters with a promising avenue for revenue generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one only refer casino players to Posh Friends?

No, as Casino-X stands as one of the pivotal brands of this affiliate initiative, you can also attract sports betting enthusiasts due to this option’s existence in the selected casino.

Does the negative balance carry over to the next month?

The negative balance is neutralized at the end of each reporting period, ensuring no transfer to the subsequent month.

What commission structures are available in the Posh Friends partnership?

As with many affiliate schemes, the options include Revenue Share, CPA, and Hybrid.

How frequently are payments made in Posh Friends, and what payment methods are accessible?

Payouts are dispatched once a month, within the initial five days of its commencement. Various electronic wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies serve as the available payment methods.

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