Everything About PlayAttack Affiliate Program

Everything About PlayAttack Affiliate Program

In our exposition, delve into the intricacies of the PlayAttack affiliate program, which collaborates with esteemed casinos like SlotV Casino, Frank Casino, and Mr.Bit Casino. We shall illuminate the salient features of the affiliate software, available promotional resources, and payment methodologies. For an at-a-glance insight, we present a comprehensive table detailing the pivotal data.

Affiliate ProgramPlayAttack
BrandsMrBit, Frank, SlotV
Commission ModelsRevenue Share, CPA, Hybrid
DealsUp To 40% of Net Revenue
Payment MethodsWebmoney, Skrill, Card, Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, ecoPayz, Neteller

About PlayAttack’s Affiliate Program

Designed to attract players to the aforementioned casinos, this program facilitates both website owners with proprietary sites or other informational platforms, and streamers, to participate.

Regarding the commission structures, they are congruent with standard affiliate practices: Revenue Share, CPA, and Hybrid. Each possesses unique advantages and caveats, tailored to cater to a distinct cadre of attracted players. As is customary in premier affiliate programs, there exists the leeway to negotiate bespoke collaboration terms with your designated manager, especially if the quality of your traffic is exceptional. Geographically, this program predominantly targets the European market.

It’s also pivotal to highlight the impeccable reliability quotient, as not only do the casinos hold proprietary licenses, but the PlayAttack affiliate initiative itself operates under the aegis of ONJN (Romania).

Affiliate Program Software Suite

A standout merit of PlayAttack is its sterling software enriched with statistics and an extensive repository of promotional materials. Upon registration, you gain access to a gamut of promos tethered to your account. Every nuance of data, pertaining to each marketing campaign, is readily available within your profile. It enables you to segment traffic flows and subject them to meticulous scrutiny. Additionally, the software offers a panoramic view, featuring various temporal insights, which we shall now elaborate upon.

Promotional Materials

Every affiliate’s profile is endowed with an “LP & Banners” section, allowing the creation of partner links or any available promotional content. This can span an array of banners and corresponding landing pages, which direct users upon interaction. The array of promotional materials is vast, ensuring a perfect fit for every affiliate. However, should you find the resources not aligning with your vision or if you possess distinct ideas, a dedicated manager stands by to facilitate the crafting of custom content.


A dedicated analytics page furnishes all requisite information on the traffic garnered. It encapsulates both the aggregate metrics of user transitions/deposits and the cumulative profit of the casino. Furthermore, it provides insights into your overarching earnings and granular details on revenue per user.

How PlayAttack Operates

As with any affiliate network, PlayAttack operates under specific guidelines and partnership terms. One can delve into the intricate details through the frequently asked questions on their website or peruse the comprehensive list of rules. Here, we will elucidate the fundamental collaboration models and expound on how your profit is calculated.

Partnership Conditions

  • Prohibited traffic sources. PlayAttack strictly refrains from accepting traffic that’s acquired through illicit or deceptive means. This includes practices such as spamming, self-registering as a player, and misleading users.
  • Doorway use. While not expressly forbidden in the affiliate program, the use of doorways is discouraged, given its tendency to yield suboptimal profits.
  • Geographical and age restrictions. Affiliates are prohibited from engaging players who haven’t reached the legal age. Additionally, soliciting users from regions where online casinos or their advertising are outlawed is off-limits.

Collaboration Models

As alluded to earlier, PlayAttack’s affiliate program endorses three distinct commission plans:

  • Revenue Share – A percentage-based payout from the casino’s profit per player.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) – A fixed payout for a specified action, typically the initial deposit.
  • Hybrid – A model combining both a payout for an action and profit from a player.

It’s noteworthy that for Revenue Share, there exists a “tiered” system, determining the commission percentage based on the number of initial deposits during a reporting period. To simplify this, we’ve collated the information into a table for your convenience.

Number of first depositsPercentage Revenue Share
0 – 525% of NGR
6 – 2030% of NGR
21 – 4035% of NGR
41+40% of NGR

Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) represents the casino’s clear profit. It’s generally calculated using the following formula:

NGR = (Player Bets – Player Wins) – Bonuses – (Deposits + Withdrawals) * Transaction Commission % – (Player Bets – Player Wins) * Admin fee%

For instance, given transaction fees at 5%, an Admin Fee of 25%, and your Rev Share at 30%, it’d appear as:

NGR = $1500 – $500 – ($4000 + $2000) * 5% – $1500 * 25% = $325.
Your profit = $325*30% = $97,5

It’s imperative to note that PlayAttack does accommodate branded traffic. However, for such, a fixed Revenue Share percentage of 25% is applied. Some partners also have access to CPA payment models and Hybrid commission plans. In the CPA model, you receive a predetermined sum for a player’s initial deposit, the amount of which is negotiated individually and hinges on traffic quality and the recruitment region. The hybrid model entices with both an immediate payout for the first deposit and a specific percentage of the casino’s subsequent earnings from the player.

Guide to Becoming a PlayAttack Affiliate

Embarking on the journey to become an affiliate with PlayAttack requires a series of meticulous steps. Foremost, one must initiate the account registration, which, in this context, proves to be a comprehensive procedure. Subsequently, securing an endorsement from the affiliate program, which vouches for the impeccable quality of your platform, is paramount. Upon successful enrolment, you will be endowed with your unique affiliate link, poised to commence user acquisition. Let us delve deeper into this intricate process.

Registering for PlayAttack

Upon visiting the affiliate website, you’ll be prompted to click on the ‘Join Now‘ tab, post which, a set of subsequent actions await. The first milestone pertains to account creation:

  1. Conceive a unique username and secure password.
  2. Specify your birthdate.
  3. Input a valid email address.

Next, it’s pivotal to furnish personal details:

  1. State your full name.
  2. If applicable, input the name of your company.
  3. Provide your mobile number and Skype ID.
  4. Optionally, pinpoint your country of residence, detailed address, and postal code.

Following this, payment details need your attention:

  1. Select your preferred payment method (Options: Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer).
  2. Supply payment details and the company name, if pertinent.
  3. Denote the recipient’s full name.
  4. Designate the city, address, country, and corresponding postal code.

Lastly, casting light on your traffic source is essential:

  1. Provide the URL of your site.
  2. Define its category (Options: Casino, Sports Betting).
  3. Indicate the primary audience or target market of your website.
  4. Choose the casino brand you aspire to promote.

Acquiring Your Affiliate Link and Launching Operations

Upon successful completion of the registration, your account will undergo meticulous verification. Once validated, you will be granted full access to the affiliate panel, empowering you to generate your inaugural affiliate link.

To accomplish this, navigate to the section labeled ‘LP & Banners’. From there, select the casino you aspire to endorse, and either procure your personalized link or opt for affiliate assets, such as a desired banner. Subsequently, embed this link or banner onto your website. With each user redirection, they will be affiliated with your account, allowing you to monitor their engagement via the statistics page.

Affiliate Remunerations

Affiliates receive their disbursements on a monthly basis. Depending on your region, a specific array of payment methods will be available, encompassing both conventional banking methods (inclusive of bank transfers) and diverse e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz). Withdrawals via Bitcoin are also facilitated.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is set at $10. Additionally, it’s imperative to have garnered at least one deposit within the reporting period to qualify. Remunerations are processed automatically, with the minimal amount for bank transfers being $500. For Revenue Share and CPA models, the reporting span encompasses the initial 15 calendar days of each month.

How to Request a Disbursement?

Given the automated nature of payments, there’s no requisition needed on your end. Your sole responsibility lies in designating the payment particulars and confirming them. Thereafter, the accrued funds will be deposited into your account monthly. Ensure that your chosen payment methods are verified no later than 5 days before the close of the reporting cycle, post which modifications will be restricted until the subsequent disbursement.

The list of available payment modalities can be located under ‘Payment Settings‘ in your profile. Should the existing payment avenues not align with your preferences, a dialogue with your personal account manager can pave the way for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Admin Fee and negative balance

Within every affiliate program, inherent service fees emerge, accounting for various administrative expenditures, aptly termed the ‘Admin Fee’. The precise magnitude of the Admin Fee within the PlayAttack affiliate program is contingent upon individual circumstances. Consequently, it’s advisable to consult your dedicated manager for the most up-to-date figures.

A negative balance denotes the casino’s deficit attributed to a particular player’s fortune. It materializes when a user withdraws a greater sum than they deposit. However, in PlayAttack, negative balances don’t roll over to the subsequent reporting period but are reset. In this manner, over an extended period, affiliates aren’t burdened with losses.

It’s pivotal to note that the annulment of a negative balance bears a specific prerequisite: the referral of a minimum of five new players who make their initial deposit within the current month. Failing this, the negative balance shall carry forward.

Why Opt for PlayAttack?

As with most affiliate programs, PlayAttack encompasses a blend of merits and demerits. Among its commendable attributes are the association with several distinguished casinos of sterling repute, a concise reporting interval (15 days), and the availability of diverse commission structures. On the flip side, limitations include the exclusive reliance on the USD currency, monthly fund withdrawals, and the stipulation for negative balance rollovers.


  • Casinos with a recognizable brand presence
  • A variety of payment models
  • Brand-specific traffic acceptance
  • Transparent profit calculation system


  • Only 1 currency is available
  • Monthly fund withdrawals
  • Negative balances only reset upon referral of five initial monthly deposits


In summation, the PlayAttack affiliate program rightly boasts superior ratings, as it upholds industry benchmarks and is poised to furnish its partners with all requisite amenities for an optimal operational experience. The availability of sought-after commission plans enhances its overall allure, complemented further by its user-friendly software interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment models are accessible within the PlayAttack affiliate program?

Much like the majority of affiliate endeavors, PlayAttack offers Revenue Share, CPA, and a Hybrid model.

Which casinos are affiliated with PlayAttack?

The PlayAttack affiliate initiative collaborates with esteemed casinos such as SlotV, Frank Casino, Mr.Bit, and Drift Casino.

How frequently does PlayAttack disburse funds, and what methods are available?

PlayAttack executes monetary withdrawals automatically on a monthly basis. Options include traditional bank transfers, digital wallets (Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz), as well as Bitcoin.

Does PlayAttack carry forward negative balances?

No, they do not. However, this holds true provided you’ve achieved a quota of 5 FTDs (First Time Deposits) within the current month.

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