GameArt Casino Games Provider

GameArt Casino Games Provider

Today we’re gonna break down the low-down on the Slovenian provider GameArt, which is known for their slick slots built on HTML5 that speak your language and jingle with whatever currency you’re throwing down. Plus, they’ve got a whole lineup of multi-game goodies for the land-based casinos that pack in over 80 different games.

What sets this provider apart is they’re totally in sync with the players and craft products that vibe with the cultural quirks of the gamblers.

And you can’t ignore their banging multi-level jackpot system designed for the high rollers from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. This gives their games not just cool and eye-popping gameplay but also a killer shot at raking in the big bucks with every spin.

The Best Casinos With GameArt Provider

When you’re churning out top-notch stuff, it’s easy to get a posse of not just players but operators too. So, spotting GameArt slot machines ain’t no sweat in any worth-your-while casino. We’ve done you solid and whipped up a list of the crème de la crème casinos where you can find the provider’s gear:

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Full Review Of GameArt Provider

Full Review Of GameArt Provider

GameArt, the provider, is still pretty fresh-faced, kicking off its gig in 2013. In a blink, they’ve cranked out a heap of stuff – over 100 games, mainly video slots, but they’ve tossed in some card games and even roulette for good measure.

These guys are big on schmoozing at conferences and raking in fancy-shmancy awards for their wares. Like, in 2018, they showed off their gear at the Malta iGaming Excellent Awards and nabbed the trophy for “Best Digital Company”.

They’re also constantly breaking into new hoods. Like, in 2020, they bagged licenses from the local bigwigs in Italy, Belgium, and Lithuania, and they’re all about getting their stuff vetted in independent labs like GLI.

Provider history in dates

Like I said, GameArt got the ball rolling in 2013 in Slovenia.

On July 7, 2014, they dropped their first slot called Royal Gems.

In 2017, they breezed through certification at GLI.

2018 saw them shaking hands at the Spanish expo Gaming in Spain, and rubbing elbows at the gaming conference SIGMA.

In 2019, they got the ISO 9001 seal of approval and a thumbs-up from the local Spanish regulator.

2020 had them pocketing permits from the powers-that-be in Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Belgium. A year later, they took the stage at MIGEA and bagged the award for “Best Slots and RNG-games”.

Provider GameArt these days

These days, the slot-makers at GameArt are all about cooking up HTML5 goodies that work like a charm on your phone. They’re always scouting out new turf and buddying up with all sorts of makers and media from every corner of the globe.

What Does Game Provider GameArt Offer?

What Does Game Provider GameArt Offer

GameArt, the gaming wizards, are all about dishing out top-notch graphics and a smorgasbord of gaming mechanics. They’ve got a crazy spread of themes tailored for high-rollers from around the globe. And you can’t overlook the rock-solid software and how slick it runs on mobile devices across different OS. Let’s take a deep dive into this stuff.

Software quality

Software Quality

GameArt’s slots are built on some bleeding-edge architecture – we’re talking HTML5 here. This bad boy lets them pack in not just some eye-popping visuals and eargasmic sounds, but also a heap of trending mechanics and their own home-brewed ideas.

Range of games

Game Selection

Like I said, GameArt’s all about catering to gamblers from all walks of life and they’ve got an eye on local flavors. So, in their arsenal, you’ll find slots with classic themes like fruits – take the Xtreme Hot slot for instance – and also slots riffing on various mythologies, like Egyptian vibes in Ramses Treasure and Book of Oziris, or East Asian flair in King of Wealth and Phoenix Princess.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

There’s no second-guessing the reliability of their software. They’ve got this on lock thanks to a truckload of testing before the games hit the streets, and also by getting certified in independent labs like GLI and QUINEL.

Adapting for mobile devices

Mobile Adaptation

Being the new kids on the block, they’re all about hopping on the mobile optimization bandwagon. HTML5’s got their back, making their stuff work smooth as butter even in mobile browsers no matter the OS.

Лицензии провайдера

Provider Licenses

They’ve got a pocketful of licenses from a whole bunch of regulators, like Curaçao, AAMS (Italy), POGRA (Philippines), Belgium, and a bunch more. Also worth a shout-out is the boatload of certs from independent labs like GLI, QUINEL, and SIQ.

GameArt Vendor Features

Особенности провайдера GameArt

One of the standout features of GameArt’s offerings is the sick variety of game mechanics – not just the tried and tested stuff from the big boys but also some fresh brews from their own kitchen. Another cherry on top is the sky-high multipliers, going up to a whopping x150,000 your bet, along with a pick-your-own-volatility feature in some slots and even an option to straight-up buy a bonus game. Not to mention, the average RTP in their slots ain’t shabby. Let’s break this down:

Basic mechanics


Multiplier Wilds

We’re talking special wild symbols that come loaded with a random multiplier. When these babies land, they spread like wildfire across the reel and trigger a re-spin. Land multiple symbols in one line and their multipliers stack up. Check out Diamond Magic for a taste.



This is where you can double down and go double-or-nothing with your winnings, up to 5 times. Score a win in the base game and you can roll the dice to try and double it up. Guess the color of the card and either you’re doubling your moolah or waving it goodbye. This feature’s on fire in a lot of slots, like Xtreme Hot for example.


Locked Wilds

During free spins, wild symbols stick like glue and stay put till the end of the spins. Get a taste of this in the Fortune series, like Fortune Panda.



This one’s pretty nifty – every symbol comes packing a random multiplier ranging from x2 to x9, so if you land, say, 3 symbols with x9 multipliers, it’s payday for 27 symbols, not just 3. Get your Hyperways fix with slots like Nefertiti Hyperways.



Line ’em up and watch your total multiplier get juiced up, which then goes to work on all your winnings. The multiplier can rocket up to x50. Each new spin resets the multiplier in the base game but keeps it pumped in the bonus rounds. Get into the action with Lilly Palmer London.

Max Multipliers in Slots

GameArt’s slots are pretty volatile and they’ve got a few that boast some mind-blowing max multipliers, soaring up to x150,000 your bet. For the visual peeps, we’ve whipped up a chart with the 5 slots boasting the max multipliers.

GameMax Multipliers
Nefertiti Hyperwaysx150000
Hawaiian Christmasx76723
Hawaiian Fruitsx76723
Piggy Bjornx50000
Mega Bunnyx50000

Buy bonus feature

GameArt is all about letting you splash some cash to get straight to the bonus games in their slots, and boy, do they have a sweet selection with this feature.

We’ve cherry-picked 3 of the hottest slots where you can whip out your wallet to buy your way into the bonus games.

Lilly Palmer London – This bad boy’s got a menu with 3 different bonus game flavors, each with starting multipliers of x2, x3, and x5. The price tags? x100, x150, and x200 your bet, respectively.

Nefertiti Hyperways – You can snag the bonus game for a cool x100 your stake.

Maradona Hyperways – Fork over x100 your bet, and the bonus game is all yours.

GameArt RTP

On average, GameArt’s rocking an RTP of about 95.8%. Across the board, the RTP in their games doesn’t stray more than 1% from the average. To give you the lowdown, we’ve cooked up some nifty charts showing 3 slots with the highest RTP and 3 slots scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Slots with the highest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Mega Bunny96,50
Mariachi Fiesta96,20
Dawn Of Olympus96,10

Games with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
4 Symbols95,14
Castle Blood95,31
Chinese Zodiac95,50

GameArt Distinguishing Characteristics

First and foremost, GameArt is a real head-turner for their top-notch games, which are slicker than snot on a doorknob for mobile devices. They’re known for whipping up mainly high-volatility games with juicy max multipliers, so if you’re a daredevil punter itching to hit the big bucks, you’re in for a treat.

Another feather in their cap is their smorgasbord of games. We’re talking a stash of over 100 games, from your run-of-the-mill themes to those dabbling in local cultural goodness. So, if you’re a high-roller from Asia or Latin America, you’re sorted.

Let’s not forget about their sweet multi-tiered progressive jackpots, that get the greenbacks flowing your way.

Games By GameArt Provider

Игры от GameArt

From the get-go, GameArt aimed to knock your socks off with high-quality HTML5-based games, and it’s no wonder they’ve got a cult following among those who dig playing on the go.

Another ace up their sleeve is the diverse game mechanics. This ain’t just your usual run-of-the-mill stuff from other providers; we’re talking some nifty in-house brew too. Their games are a triple threat: slick graphics, banging gameplay, and sky-high winning potential.

Now let’s get down and dirty with a couple of their most banging games.

Nefertiti Hyperways

This slot’s got the Hyperways mechanic and is steeped in Egyptian mythology. What sets it apart is the option to choose the slot’s volatility and max multiplier. Like we mentioned, it’s loaded with Hyperways, where each symbol packs a random multiplier from x2 to x9, so when you line up three x9 symbols, you’re not cashing in on 3 symbols but a whopping 27.

Another slick mechanic is Mega Nefertiti Wilds. Think of it as a wild symbol that’s flexible from 1×1 to 1×4 and has multipliers from x1 to x5, throwing in extra wilds on other reels for good measure.

To unlock the bonus game, you need five scatters to drop, which kicks off 8 free spins, and each spin will feature the Mega Nefertiti Wilds symbol.

You can buy the bonus game for x100 your bet.

Diamond Magic

This bling-themed slot is turning heads with its quirky wild symbols.

The main attraction is the Special Wilds mechanic, which throws wild symbols into the mix with random multipliers and triggers respins. And here’s the kicker: if wilds with multipliers land on the same line, the multipliers add up. There isn’t a separate bonus game, but you can cough up some dough to buy Special Wilds.

There’s also a nifty Gamble feature. After you score a winning spin, you can roll the dice and pick a card color. If Lady Luck’s on your side and your color comes up, you double your moolah. If not, you’re left holding the bag. You can give this feature a whirl up to 5 times.

Lilly Palmer London

This slot pays tribute to the famous DJ Lilly Palmer and is chock full of cool features such as:

Multipliers – Each spin starts at x1 and ramps up for every line hit, soaring up to x50. During bonus play, the multiplier keeps on trucking and doesn’t reset.

Stacked Walking Wilds Respin – This special wild lands on the 5th reel. If the full symbol drops, it triggers respins, scooting to the left until it says “Adios!” to the game field. If a partial symbol lands, there’s a chance it’ll give a nudge and stretch across the entire reel. During the bonus game, the symbol gets wild and wanders left or right.

Wilds – The old faithful of slot features, this wild sub for any other symbol, except the scatter.

To get the bonus game rolling, you need five scatters to drop and you’re off with 15 free spins and your current accumulated multiplier that doesn’t hit reset during bonus play. If you land 5 scatters during free spins, you’ll score 5 extra spins.

You can buy in for x100 your bet.

Providers with similar mechanics

Even though GameArt’s slots are offbeat and blend a mix of mechanics, there are some providers that have a similar vibe.

Think Play’N’Go, Betsoft, Bgaming.

Pros And Cons Of GameArt

GameArt slots come with a smorgasbord of themes, and a plus is their in-house mechanics that are a breath of fresh air, like Hyperways. They also deserve a hat tip for their top-tier mobile adaptation and slots with sky-high max multipliers. Now, let’s chew the fat over the main pros and cons of this provider.


  • Interesting mechanics
  • High maximum multipliers
  • Excellent mobile adaptation
  • A wide thematic assortment


  • Lack of live games and a small range of table and card games
  • Few licenses from key regulators


To summarize, despite the fact that the provider is relatively young, he managed to release a large number of slots with different themes, and even develop their own mechanics Hyperways. Another distinguishing feature is the high volatility in the slots and as a consequence, the presence of a decent maximum multipliers. And of course we should not forget about the excellent mobile adaptation of the products and bold solutions, such as the possibility of choosing volatility in some games.

Final score: 7/10


What products does the company make?

GameArt Company releases mainly video slots on various topics, but there are also a few card games and roulette.

What licenses does the provider have?

Provider has a license from Curacao, as well as a number of licenses from local regulators in Italy, the Philippines, Belgium and many others.

What is the volatility in the slots provider and the maximum multipliers?

In general, the provider is characterized by the creation of games with high volatility and high multipliers, reaching x150,000 in some of the games.

Can I play GameArt products from my cell phone?

You can, because all games are developed in HTML5, which allows you to play them not only from your computer, but also in the browser of your cell phone or tablet.

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