iSoftBet Casino Games Provider

iSoftBet Casino Games Provider

Today, let’s dive into the British gaming provider iSoftBet, a big shot known for their pretty dang extensive library of games, which includes slots and table games alike.

One thing that’s pretty awesome about their slots is the variety. You’ve got slots with all the hot game mechanics like Megaways or Hold & Win, plus a whole bunch of their own kick-ass inventions. And of course, these guys ain’t living in the dark ages – they make sure all their games are slick on mobile devices, so you can spin those reels on your phone or tablet with no hiccups.

The Best Casinos With iSoftBet Provider

iSoftBet’s been on the scene for a good while now, and they’ve managed to rally up a pretty solid fanbase who are always chomping at the bit for their latest releases. Naturally, online casinos are all over this like a rash, hustling to make sure they’ve got iSoftBet’s full artillery of games. So, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a casino with iSoftBet’s slots, but to save you some legwork, we’ve rustled up a list of the best casinos featuring this provider:

Full Review Of iSoftBet Provider

Full Review Of iSoftBet Provider

iSoftBet burst onto the scene in 2010 in the UK and over 10 years, they’ve pumped out over 150 different products. We’re talking slots with all sorts of bells and whistles, plus classic table games like blackjack, video poker, and roulette.

In that time, they’ve also managed to scoop up a boatload of licenses from big-time regulators like MGA, UKGC, ONJN, AGCC, and have muscled into markets all over Europe. Right now, these guys have got more than 5 offices dotted around the globe – we’re talking the UK, Romania, Cyprus, and even the Philippines.

They’re no strangers to the international expo circuit either, making appearances at shows like ICE, SIGMA, Excellence in Gaming, and a whole bunch more. And they’re no hermits, actively rubbing shoulders with other industry bigwigs like Gauselmann Group, Quick Gaming, and Bettson Group.

Provider history in dates

As I mentioned, iSoftBet got the ball rolling in 2010.

Fast forward a year and they broke into the Italian market with a license from the local regulatory bigwig.

August 23, 2012, marked the day they dropped their first slot, Jackpot Rango.

2013 saw them grab a license from AGCC (Alderney), followed by UKGC (UK) the next year, and the Belgian regulator too.

2014 was the year they made their debut at the mega international expo ICE 2014. After that, they marched into the Spanish market in 2015 and then the Romanian market a year later with an ONJN license in tow.

Between 2017 and 2018, iSoftBet invaded the markets of Portugal, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania, and in 2019 they added an MGA (Malta) license to their trophy cabinet, as well as licenses from Swiss and Swedish regulators.

Provider iSoftBet these days

These days, iSoftBet, the slot machine maestro, is going full-throttle, churning out a bunch of their own products with some nifty twists, and not being shy about borrowing some fan-favorite mechanics from other providers.

They’re also putting pedal to the metal with their own platform, iSoftBet’s Game Aggregation Platform (GAP), which is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for operators, giving them access to more than 8000 games from 70 providers, including over 150 of iSoftBet’s own concoctions.

What Does Game Provider iSoftBet Offer?

What Does Game Provider iSoftBet Offer

The game maker iSoftBet is dishing out a smorgasbord of slots covering all sorts of themes, and let me tell you, these bad boys don’t just look pretty – they’re packed with nifty homegrown mechanics. Hats off to them for the top-notch tech and graphics, and they’ve got their act together with mobile optimization, so players can get their game on not just on the ol’ PC, but also on smartphones and tablets.

Software quality

Software quality

As we’ve already given a shout-out to, iSoftBet’s slots are slick as heck, both in the looks department and under the hood. Sure, not all of the games are rocking HTML5 – some are still kickin’ it old school with Flash/JavaScript – but that doesn’t throw a wrench in the works when it comes to smooth gameplay.

Range of games

Range of games

iSoftBet’s game lineup is stacked. The provider’s got everything from the hits that everybody’s jamming to, to a treasure trove of game mechanics like Hold & Win, Megaways, Ultrabet, and Megaboard.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

In this wild west of the internet age, it’s not just about grinding out killer content – you gotta keep it locked down from the no-goodniks out there. That’s where HTML5 flexes its muscles, letting games run on the provider’s servers, and some slick encryption skills with a bunch of SSL certificates keeping the data stream from the player to the provider on lockdown.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

As mentioned before, the bulk of iSoftBet’s goodies are tuned up for mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. And, get this, there are custom interfaces for portrait and landscape modes that sweep all the clutter under the rug, leaving just the nuts and bolts of the interface for a no-nonsense, smooth-sailing gaming experience whether you’re on your phone or tablet.

Лицензии провайдера

Provider Licenses

The provider’s decked out with a treasure chest of licenses from major European bigwigs:

  • UKGC (United Kingdom) – license number 54705
  • MGA (Malta) – license number MGA/CRP/624/2018
  • HGC (Greece) – license number HGC-000044-MN
  • Plus, they’ve got the green light from Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Alderney, Spain, Italy, and a whole bunch of other places.

iSoftBet Vendor Features

iSoftBet Vendor Features

Every game maker’s got their own spice, whether it’s the types of core mechanics they throw into their slots or the max multipliers up for grabs. Let’s not forget the special mechanics for bonus games and the sweet option to buy a bonus, which a whole lot of players are down with. And of course, the average RTP in the provider’s slots is a biggie – there’s kinda this unspoken standard in the gaming community, sitting around 96%, and providers don’t wanna be caught dead dipping below that. So, let’s dive into what makes iSoftBet tick.

Basic mechanics

iSoftBet’s slots have got a treasure trove of cool mechanics they’ve cooked up themselves, plus they’ve borrowed some crowd-pleasers from other providers, like:


Hold & Win

Hold & Win: This jackpot mechanic is the bee’s knees. You gotta snag a bunch of special symbols on the reels (usually coins) to unlock this bad boy. Then you enter a bonus game where only these special symbols pop up, each with its own multiplier. Hit a full reel and in some games, you’re treated to an extra spin which could net you one of several jackpots. This mechanic is the star of the show in the Hold & Win slots like Colossus: Hold & Win.



This is like going all in – a fat bet that sets off a series of spins where you collect bonus games and special symbols (like stars) like a squirrel hoarding nuts. Once the regular spins are done, all the bonus games you’ve hoarded get unleashed. The more symbols you’ve bagged, the bigger your extra winnings. You can find this in a bunch of iSoftBet’s slots, like Hot Shots 2.



This is a bonus game that’s more extra than a triple espresso. A game board gets added around the reels and you’ve got two characters bouncing around on it. How they move depends on what you roll with the dice. Each square’s got its own bonus that gets activated on the reels – like getting rid of the cheapo symbols or adding wilds. Check this mechanic out in Racetrack Riches Megaboard.



A fan-favorite mechanic from the whiz-kids at BTG. The deal here is that the size of the reels changes with each spin, and that means more paylines, baby! You’ll find this mechanic in Megaways slots like Tyrant King Megaways.


The Hot Spin Wheel

A special wheel that can appear during each spin, bringing with it additional features such as: Wilds – adding 5-10 wilds to the playing field. Wild Reels – turning 2,3,4,5 reels into wilds. Multi Win – multiplies the winnings of the rotation by a random multiplier from x2 to x25. Hot Link Trigger – starts the bonus game Hot Link. The mechanics are presented in the slot Hot Spin Hot Link.

Maximum multipliers in slots

These slots have got everything from chill to high-octane volatility, which means a smorgasbord of max multipliers – some even hitting a staggering 50,000x!

So, for all you number junkies, we’ve whipped up a nifty table with five games that boast the meatiest max multipliers.

GameMaximum multiplier
Tyrant King Megawaysx50000
Majestic Gold Megawaysx50000
Hot Spin Megawaysx50000
Queen of Wonderland Megawaysx50000
Royale with Cheese Megawaysx50000

Buy bonus feature

The “buy-a-bonus” feature is up for grabs in most of the Megaways slots from the provider, plus in a few others. We’ve put together a hit-list of 5 of the most killer games for you:

  • Majestic Gold Megaways – you can snag the bonus game for 75x your bet.
  • Queen of Wonderland Megaways – shelling out 100x your bet gets you a bonus game, with one of two games rolling out post-purchase.
  • Scrooge Megaways – nab the bonus for a cool 50x your bet.
  • Moriarty Megaways – this bonus game’s gonna cost you 150x your stake.
  • Euphoria – buy into the bonus game for 100x your bet.

iSoftBet RTP

The average RTP from iSoftBet stands tall at 96.15%. Generally, it doesn’t wobble more than 2%, which is pretty slick and shows that the provider’s got mad respect for its players.

Next up, we’d love to dish out the deets on 3 slots with the highest RTP:

GameRTP, %
The Ruby97,50
3 Charms Crush97,23
Hot Shots97,15

And let’s not forget the ones with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Lucky Leprechaun94,70
Kings of Gold95,14

Might as well mention the RTP in bonus games:

GameRTP, %
Morgana Megaways98,06
Western Gold Megaways97,00

And, oh yeah, the card games:

GameRTP, %
Blackjack VIP MH99,59
Deuces and Joker Poker99,07

iSoftBet Distinguishing Characteristics

iSoftBet’s made quite the name for itself in various ways. Its portfolio’s jam-packed with an array of slots and table games. Plus, when whipping up slots, they live by the mantra “Serious Fun” – taking a no-nonsense approach to create a final product that’s an absolute blast. And, boy, do they nail it – the slots don’t just have eye-candy graphics, but are chock-full of various mechanics in both regular spins and bonus games, which spice up the gameplay and bring the good vibes.
Also worth a shout-out are the juicy max multipliers and a wide range of volatility in the slots, which will tickle the fancy of all kinds of players and is perfect for those looking to comfortably beat the wager.

Games By iSoftBet Provider

Games By iSoftBet Provider

The developer ain’t shy, and claims they’re spearheading the online casino software scene, cranking out games with diversity, high-octane performance, and trailblazing features, including killer game mechanics like Hold & Win, Megaways, Ultrabet, and Megaboard. Let’s break down a couple of their top-shelf slots.

Greta Goes Wild

Get the beers flowing with this Oktoberfest-themed slot that boasts a whopping 8000x your stake multiplier.

The game’s got wild symbols that pack a 2x or 3x punch during free spins. Any spin could set off the Greta feature, which either rolls out a bonus feature or rakes in a windfall of over 25x your bet.

Bag 3 to 5 scatters to unlock 10 to 15 free spins, where wilds get sticky. Score 2 or 3 wilds on a reel and they hit you with a 2x or 3x multiplier, plus chuck in some extra free spins.

Hot Spin Hot Link

Welcome to the fruit frenzy disco with a max payout that’s 3000x your bet.

Every spin’s got a shot at triggering the Hot Spin Wheel feature which showers the reels with wilds, transforms entire reels wild, or multiplies your spin win by a random factor between 2x and 25x. It can also kick off the bonus game.

Landing 5 or more Hot Link symbols gets you 3 free spins, and the counter resets every time you net another Hot Link symbol.

These symbols come in different sizes – the bigger they are, the fatter the payout. At the end of the bonus game, your multipliers stack up and your total win is announced, based on the accumulated multiplier times your stake.

During the bonus game, keep an eye out for the Hot Prize symbol – its size determines the additional winnings, ranging from 50x to 250x.
There’s also a chance the Hot Bonus Wheel feature kicks in during the bonus game, activating one of 4 extra features:

  • Extra Life – when your spins dry up, this baby dishes out 3 more.
  • Multi Boost – juices up the multipliers on all symbols that land.
  • Symbol Add – tosses in 1 to 3 Hot Link symbols onto the reels.
  • Prize Boost – cranks up the winnings on all Hot Prize symbols by a random amount up to 50x.

Colossus: Hold & Win

Get ready to channel your inner Greek god with this slot that’s packing the Hold & Win mechanic.

During the base game, you’ve got a smorgasbord of features, like:
Colossus Wild – snag a wild on reels 2-5 and watch it blow up, with multipliers ranging from 2x to a whopping 10x.

Colossus Hold & Win feature – nail 6 or more coins and this bad boy kicks in, giving you 3 free spins, with the counter resetting with every coin that hits. You can also set off The Colossus Rising Flame, which beefs up your coin values with a random multiplier from 2x to 10x. Fill the board with coins and you unlock the Colossus Spin, where one of three jackpots can drop, for an extra 50x to a mind-blowing 10,000x.

Colossus Bet – wanna cut to the chase? You can buy into this bonus game for 100x your stake, which sets off the Colossus Hold & Win feature.

Providers with similar mechanics

This provider’s got game with their mechanics, so if you’re all about the Megaways action, then keep an eye out for Big Time Gaming and Pragmatic Play.

More into the Hold & Win vibe? Then take Playson and Relax Gaming for a spin.

Pros and Cons of iSoftBet

This provider is bringing down the house with a crazy mix of game mechanics and some sweet visuals and ear candy to boot. Also worth a shout out is that besides slots, they’ve got table and card games that a lot of players are eating up. And let’s not forget, these games are optimized for mobile, so you can get your game on with your phone or tablet wherever you roll.


  • A wide variety of game mechanics
  • Wide variety of licenses
  • Good adaptation of products for mobile devices
  • Availability of additional jackpots in some games


  • Lack of live games and game shows
  • Not the highest maximum multipliers in the industry


In general, the provider is well established in the market, as it concentrates on creative ideas and the use of interesting mechanics. Despite not the biggest library of games, every player can find a slot for himself, and if he is tired of slots, you can always play card games with high RTP. And of course we should not forget about the highest, but quite pleasant maximum multipliers in the most volatile slots, which will please players who like to catch big winnings.

Final score: 7,8/10


Why do players love iSoftBet?

Players, first and foremost, like the provider for interesting slots, which use both popular mechanics and their own ideas, analogues that are not in the industry.

Does the provider have a license?

Of course, the provider has a large number of licenses from major regulators, as well as a number of licenses from local jurisdictions.

What are the main mechanics present in the provider’s games?

The main mechanics that the provider uses in their games should include Megaways, Megaboard, Hold & Win and Ultrabet.

Are the provider’s slots adapted for mobile devices?

Yes, most games are built on HTML5 architecture, which allows you to play not only from your computer, but also from mobile devices.

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