Push Gaming Casino Games Provider

Push Gaming Casino Games Provider

Today we’re gonna break down the low-down on Push Gaming, a high-rollin’ English game provider that’s all about churning out top-shelf video slots and hobnobbing with the big fish in the pond.

With over a decade of grindin’, this bad boy has pumped out about 40 goodies. And lemme tell ya, they ain’t just your average slots – they’re jam-packed with graphics and gameplay that’ll make your head spin. And hold onto your hat because some of these bad boys are rockin’ a sky-high volatility and an infinity multiplier – or so they claim!

The Best Casinos With Push Gaming Provider

Push Gaming ain’t no slouch, having kicked out some sick games with more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Razor Shark’s the crown jewel, packin’ some funky mechanics and an unlimited max multiplier. Players are eatin’ it up, and it’s no shocker that every big-time casino is clamoring to load up on Push Gaming’s slots.

So, we’ve got your back with a list of the creme de la creme of casinos where you can find Push Gaming’s slot machines:

Full Review Of Push Gaming Provider

Full Review Of Push Gaming Provider

Push Gaming burst onto the scene back in 2010, settin’ up shop in London, UK. They went all-in on the B2B model, which is fancy talk for buddying up with other businesses, offering advice, helping score licenses, peddling their products, optimizing, and flogging games for online casinos.

In the early days, they were all about portin’ land-based slot machines to the digital frontier by replicating the crowd-pleasers. But before long, they dropped that like a hot potato and started cookin’ up their own goods using HTML5, which was the bee’s knees at the time.

Sure, they haven’t flooded the market with a billion games, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality – both in the visuals and under the hood. And the proof’s in the pudding – their slots are frequently sittin’ pretty at the top of player rankings.

Provider history in dates

As I mentioned, Push Gaming kicked things off in 2010 in London.

In 2011, they scored licenses from Psiclone Games and Ace Gaming and started bringing those old-school machines online.

2012 saw them buddy up with big leaguers like Microgaming and Playtech.

By 2013, they pulled a U-turn and ditched the whole porting gig to focus on homebrewed goods. By 2015, they released their debut slot, Bonus Beans, sporting low volatility and a juicy RTP of 96.5%. That same year, they sealed the deal with another major player, Relax Gaming.

2016 saw a brand-spankin’-new website, and just a year later, they were off to Vegas, baby, for the Global Gaming Expo (G2E).

Provider Push Gaming these days

Fast forward to today, and Push Gaming’s got its eyes on the prize, focused on forging ahead with its own killer products and rubbing elbows with other market players.

They’re also no strangers to the spotlight, hitting up international shindigs like ICE and Sigma.

As it stands, they’ve got over 40 games under their belt and are lockin’ arms with 35+ partners.

What Does Game Provider Push Gaming Offer?

What Does Game Provider Push Gaming Offer

Push Gaming, the slot machine bigwig, packs a serious punch with a smorgasbord of techie and thematic game goodies. They’re totally on the ball with the latest craze of tailoring their games for mobile gadgets since heaps of players dig spinning the reels on their phones or tablets.

Gamers also give a hoot about how tight the software is in the slots – do they run like a well-oiled machine and is the random number generator on the up and up?

So, let’s buckle up and dive into the nuts and bolts of what this provider’s games are cookin’.

Software quality

Software quality

Push Gaming slots are built on the latest and greatest version of HTML – we’re talkin’ HTML5, baby! This little number racks up a slew of major perks like silky-smooth gameplay, zero hiccups even on the most basic devices, and of course, the ability to get your game on from mobile doohickeys straight through the browser – wicked convenient since every browser is all chummy with HTML architecture.

Range of games

Range of games

Push Gaming ain’t dishing out anything but slots, but hold onto your hats ’cause the variety is off the charts. We’re talking mostly medium to high volatility slots with whopping max multipliers. On top of the bread-and-butter mechanics in both the base and bonus games, some of these bad boys feature progressive daily and mega jackpots that get dished out on the reg, raking in some serious moolah. There ain’t no one-trick pony when it comes to themes; there’s something for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Fancy a shindig? Get your groove on with Jammin Jars 2 or Dinopolis. Feeling like a sea dog? Set sail with Razor Shark or Booty Bay. Or maybe you’re into Viking legends, then Viking Clash is your jam. Fancy yourself a modern-day Indiana Jones? Take a crack at Mystery Museum.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

The use of swanky SSL certificates makes dealings between the provider and operators smoother than a baby’s bottom and keeps the players safe from any funny business by third parties. Plus, having the stamp of approval from big-time regulators and having their games put through the wringer by independent labs like eCOGRA proves that their random number generator isn’t pulling a fast one on you.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

As we’ve been yapping about, these guys are hip to the industry trend of optimizing games for mobile gadgets, so you can get in on the action with not just your computer, but also your smartphone or tablet.

Лицензии провайдера

Provider Licenses

This provider ain’t playing around; they’ve got a couple of licenses tucked under their belt:

  • A license from Malta, with the number MGA/B2B/779/2020, dished out by MGA.
  • A license from the UK, courtesy of the UKGC, with the number 054984.
  • A license from Alderney, handed out by AGCC.

Push Gaming Vendor Features

Push Gaming Vendor Features

In every slot machine from any game maker, there’s a bunch of nifty features that crank the game up a notch, making it not just jam-packed and enthralling, but also a cash cow for juicy payouts. It’s always a blast when a provider gets with the program and knows the importance of in-game mechanics, and doesn’t just harp on high RTP and volatility, but also gets all artsy when cookin’ up the games.

That’s why in our reviews we’re always shining the spotlight on the real deal – stuff like the core game mechanics, max multipliers that make the slots sing, and the average RTP. Let’s break it down and get the inside scoop on each of these features.

Basic mechanics

Slots have a treasure trove of kickass mechanics. Here are some of the gems:


Mystery Stacks

We’re talking spooky Mystery Seaweed symbols that can pop up on the reels and then shimmy down a spot with each spin. At the end of each spin, they morph into a random symbol or a golden shark that’s loaded with multipliers ranging from x1 to a whopping x2500 your bet, or a scatter. You can find this mechanic in the Razor Shark slot.


Wild Jar Symbol

This bad boy is a special wild symbol with a basic x1 multiplier that amps up with every combo and multiplies your cluster winnings by the current multiplier. This mechanic is rockin’ in the Jammin Jars series slots.


Santa’s Sleigh Feature

In the midst of your regular spins, you might hit the jackpot and activate the flyin’ Santa feature. Santa drops pies onto the playing field, which are wild symbols. You can score a boatload of wild symbols in a single spin, making it rain with winnings. You can find this feature in the Fat Santa slot.


Wild Ship Feature

Each spin might give you a wave of golden ships (wild symbols) that sail across the playing field from right to left, moving a square with each spin and activating all possible lines. Check out this cool feature in the Viking Clash slot.


Pick Feature

When you score a prize box, you get to pick one of 5 hidden bonuses which will reveal themselves and dish out instant loot. You can find this in the Wild Swarm slot.

Maximum multipliers in slots

As we mentioned before, slots from Push Gaming are loaded with medium to high volatility. That means big bucks with high max multipliers.

So, for your viewing pleasure, we’ve whipped up a chart with 5 games and their max multipliers. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

GameMaximum multiplier
Razor Sharkx85475*
Jammin Jars 2x50000
Fire Hopperx50000
Fat Dracx50000

*Provider claims unlimited maximum multiplication, so the multiplier that the player actually rolled out is given here

Buy bonus feature

Buy bonus feature is present in some of the developer’s slots.

The price of the bonus game varies from x80 to x124 of the bet.

Below we will give you a small list of 2 slots in which this feature is available.

  • Fat Santa – the bonus game will cost you x80 of the bet
  • Fire Hopper – the bonus game will cost you x124 of the bet

Push Gaming RTP

The average RTP for the provider is 96.62%. Which is a higher value than the market average (96%).

Next we would like to present 3 slots with the highest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Wild Swarm97,03
Wizard Shop97,00
Wild Wheel96,98

As well as the 3 slots with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Fat Drac95,04
Razor Shark95,05
Jammin Jars95,25

Push Gaming Distinguishing Characteristics

One of the main characteristics of the provider is a good adaptation of games for cell phones. It is also worth noting the high variety of game mechanics in both regular and bonus games. The presence of additional jackpots in some slots is a nice bonus that increases the value of each spin. And of course we should not forget about the flagship slot Razor Shark, which lacks the maximum possible multiplier, consequently, each of the players can try to break the new maximum score and write themselves into history.

Games By Push Gaming Provider

Games By Push Gaming Provider

Originally, this company was all about giving brick-and-mortar slot machines a new lease of life online. But then they had a lightbulb moment and realized they should get their hands dirty making their own swanky stuff. Boy, did they hit the jackpot! In no time, they churned out a slew of one-of-a-kind slots that made gamers flip and carved out their own turf in the market.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and break down three slots that are the bee’s knees:

Razor Shark

This slot deserves its props, sitting pretty in the top 10 of all slot machines.

Besides the slick audio and graphics, the regular spins got some cool tricks up their sleeves. Say hello to the Nudge & Reveal Re-spins – when the Mystery Seaweed symbols show up, they shape-shift into a random symbol (or a golden shark) and scoot down a notch on the reel.

If they morph into golden sharks, then it’s game on with the Razor Reveal Feature. All the golden sharks either turn into scatters or symbols with a random multiplier from x1 to a mind-blowing x2500.

When three scatters drop, it’s party time with the bonus game, where reels 2 and 4 get packed to the gills with Mystery Seaweed symbols.

These symbols shimmy down with each spin, cranking the total multiplier up by x1. The jig is up when there are no seaweeds left on the field.

Jammin Jars 2

An 8×8 grid cluster slot, this bad boy is the sequel to the ever-popular Jammin Jars, but with new twists and a max multiplier that’s off the charts – x50000 your bet!

During the main game, you’ve got killer mechanics like the Wild Jar Symbol – a wild-scatter in the form of a jar with a base x1 multiplier that pumps up with each winning combo.

It hops over a square after playing with a cluster.

To kick off the bonus game, you need to land at least 3 Wild Jar Symbols, and then you’re rolling with 6 free spins.

There’s also the Instant Prize Symbol – these are snazzy “frozen” coin symbols that pack multipliers from x1 to x1000. Rack up 5 in a cluster and you bag winnings equal to the sum of those multipliers.

And don’t forget the fan-favorite Giga Jar, which you can set in motion by collecting a bunch of vinyl records that pop up at random on the playing field.

In the bonus game, all collected jars rock a multiplier they’ve been racking up during the regular play. The multiplier also bumps up with each winning cluster. If two jars play with one cluster, your total winnings get jacked up by both multipliers.

Collect 35 records and the Giga Jar bonus game goes live. An Instant Prize symbol lands smack dab in the middle, ranging from 2×2 to 4×4 in size.

You also score 3 to 4 regular jars with random multipliers and 8 free spins, where only Instant Prize symbols drop.

A groovy twist here is that the RTP in this slot ain’t set in stone – it gets juiced up as you collect more records.


Here’s a slot that’s all kinds of rad, inspired by a wicked puppet show from the 90s.

During the regular spins, along with the usual suspects, there are wild cards with x2 or x3 multipliers that are just itching to pop up. Plus, there’s the Dino Coin Symbol dropping on reels 1 and 5, packing multipliers from x1 to a whopping x1000.

To rake in the dough with these coins, they need to get down with at least two wild symbols on the central reels.

To get the party started with the bonus game, you’re aiming for three purple scatters to hit the floor.

This fires up the Dino Bonus Pick’em, where you gotta pick two cards – one that calls the shots on where your sticky wild symbols will be (reels 2, 3, or 4), and the other decides how many free spins you get (between 5 and 10).

To snag more spins, you’ll be hustling for coins to fill up the meter.

The bonus game also boasts four nifty mechanics, let’s dig into these bad boys:

  • Sticky Stack Wild – a wild symbol that takes over an entire reel with a specific multiplier. It can roll up on reels 2, 3, or 4.
  • Single Reel Multiplier Booster – juices up the sticky wild’s multiplier by 1.
  • All Reel Multiplier Booster – amps up all wild symbols’ multipliers by 1.
  • Golden Card – hands you the keys to two additional features.

Providers with similar mechanics

Even though these bonus game mechanics are off the beaten path, there are some providers with similar vibes – like Thunderkick, Play’N’Go, and Quickspin.

You might also wanna give Hacksaw Gaming and Inspired a whirl because their games bear a striking resemblance to some of Push Gaming’s slots.

Pros And Cons Of Push Gaming

Most gamers give props to Push Gaming for their gutsy moves and thinking outside the box. Sky-high multipliers are old hat, but the absence of a winning cap? Now, that’s something that makes eyebrows go up. The developer nails it in some of their games. Couple that with eye-candy graphics and smooth sailing on mobile devices, and you got yourself a recipe that makes Push Gaming a hot ticket.

Now, let’s lay down the skinny on the main pros and cons in a nutshell:


  • No limit on winnings in some slots
  • Daily and Mega jackpots
  • The presence of cumulative bonuses


  • Little Play Library


High maximum multipliers are what people love about slots. The convenience of playing from a phone allows players to play their favorite games without having to take a break from other things. The presence of accumulation mechanics in some slots, as well as increasing RTP with a large number of spins, not only allows you to enjoy the game process, but also to count on high winnings, regardless of your luck. Also, great variety in bonus games and possibility to risk for more winnings will appeal to players who like to play all-in.

Final score: 8,2/10


What games does Push Gaming offer?

The manufacturer offers mainly video slots with different mechanics, both cluster and classic reel.

Are the games from the provider honest?

Games from the provider have been tested by such major regulators as the UKGC and MGA, as well as an independent laboratory eCOGRA, which confirms the honesty of slots developer.

What are the maximum multipliers in the slots and the average RTP?

The average RTP by provider is 96.62%. Maximum multipliers in most slots reach x50000, and in some slots have no limit.

What are the slots from the provider and can you play them from a cell phone?

Slots provider is built on HTML5, which allows players to play even with the browser of a cell phone or tablet.

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