Hacksaw Gaming Casino Games Provider

Hacksaw Gaming Casino Games Provider

In this piece, we’re diving into Hacksaw Gaming, the provider that’s got street cred for cranking out not just slots, but scratch cards too. These guys built their rep on being mobile-friendly, which means their games are super slick on phones and tablets. Plus, they’ve got a killer lineup of themes and visuals that players can’t get enough of. What’s more, they’ve got a stash of games that could have you pocketing a cool fixed max prize of up to a million euros. Hacksaw Gaming is chummy with other big shots in the industry; they’re hooked up with over 165 partners and have got their fingers in pies in over 18 markets across the globe.

The Best Casinos With Hacksaw Gaming Provider

Even though Hacksaw Gaming is a fresh face in the game, their slots are flying off the shelves. And that means any casino worth its salt is itching to add them to their lineup and keep an eagle eye on their latest drops. Speaking of latest drops, they churn out newbies like a machine, mostly slots, but they haven’t ditched the much-loved scratch cards, bringing ones that have fat payouts. We’ve got your back – here’s a list of the top casinos where you can play Hacksaw Gaming goodies:

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Full Review Of Hacksaw Gaming Provider

Full Review Of Hacksaw Gaming Provider

Hacksaw Gaming is quite the newbie, having kicked things off in September 2018 in Saint Julian’s, Malta, which is also where their HQ is located.

Despite its young age, the company has already knocked out a ton of games, mainly scratch cards (they’ve got more than 30), and of course, slots.

As previously mentioned, Hacksaw Gaming keeps its finger on the pulse, jumping on the trend of optimizing games for mobile devices. So it’s a match made in heaven for players who enjoy a quick game on the go or are glued to their smartphones. The provider will also sit well with players who enjoy medium to high volatility slots, with maximum multipliers hitting x12,500 and going up to x500,000 in scratch cards.

Provider history in dates

Hacksaw Gaming got off to a running start in September 2018 in Malta, then just a few months later, in December 2018, the company scored its license from MGA, and one year later, it rolled out its first slot, Stick’em.

In January 2019, it debuted at the ICE conference, and five days later, announced its first major partnership with Relax Gaming.

In October 2019, it scored its license from UKGC, green-lighting its operations in the UK, and then, in October 2020, it bagged its certification to operate in Latvia. It then let loose its game My Lucky Number, with a mind-blowing jackpot of €25,000,000, but strictly for Latvian players.

The top-drawer visual and sound design of Hacksaw Gaming slots has scooped up its fair share of awards. For instance, in July 2021, at the Casino Beats Game Developer Awards, the Chaos Crew slot snagged a bronze for its soundtrack.

As it continued to spread its wings across the European market, in August 2021, the company broke into the Greek market, earning its license from the Hellenic Gaming Commission, and just two months later, got the go-ahead from Scientific Digital OGS to operate in Denmark.

Next stop was Spain, and in December 2021, the provider got its license from the local regulator, DGOJ.

Provider Hacksaw Gaming these days

These days, Hacksaw Gaming is hustling to get a foot in the door across European markets – they’ve already hit the ground running in over 18 countries. When it comes to game development, these guys are throwing down with two types of games: the ever-popular slots and scratch cards with those juicy jackpots.

As we’ve mentioned before, Hacksaw Gaming is nailing it when it comes to visuals and sounds in their slots – not to mention they’ve got slick gameplay mechanics and sweet multipliers.

As of now, they’re rubbing shoulders with more than 165 partners, and the crew includes big shots like Microgaming and Relax Gaming, plus a bunch of well-known casinos and media outlets.

What Does Game Provider Hacksaw Gaming Offer?

What Does Game Provider Hacksaw Gaming Offer

So, Hacksaw Gaming is dishing out two types of games: slots and scratch cards.

What gamers really want to know is how well the slots perform, whether they’re kicking back at their desktops or playing on the fly with their mobile devices. The variety of games is also key, both in terms of gameplay mechanics and the themes of the slots.

Now let’s dive into the nitty-gritty – the main tech specs of their games.

Software quality

Software quality

Hacksaw Gaming’s slots are built on HTML5 – it’s like the hot new thing that kicked Flash to the curb and is giving JavaScript a run for its money. HTML5 makes sure the slots run smooth as butter, without any hiccups, whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

Range of games

Range of games

Starting off in the scratch card game, Hacksaw Gaming quickly figured out which way the wind was blowing and jumped into developing slots for online casinos. Though they don’t have a mountain of games, there’s something for everyone since they’ve got a smorgasbord of themes. They’ve got the quirky cartoon-style slots (STICK’EM and STACK’EM), geometric shape action (Cubes, Cubes 2), fruity fun (like FRUTZ), and even a taste of the Wild West (Wanted Dead or a Wild).

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

By using cutting-edge tech in developing and rolling out games, they’ve hit a home run in terms of reliability. Rigorous testing and quality checks before launch mean that glitches are as rare as hen’s teeth and you’re in for a smooth ride. Their licenses from big-league regulators vouch for the legit nature of the slots, and having the games run on the provider’s servers means no funny business messing with the results.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

As we said, Hacksaw Gaming has been mobile-focused from the get-go, so you can get in on the action whether you’re at your computer or on your smartphone or tablet.

Лицензии провайдера

Provider Licenses

The provider’s got a laundry list of licenses from the big dogs in regulation. Here’s a sneak peek at some of them:

  • License from the UK, issued by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), license number 54059.
  • License from Greece, issued by the Hellenic Gaming Commission, license number HGC-000055-MN.
  • License from Malta, issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), license number MGA/CRP/501/2018.

Hacksaw Gaming Vendor Features

Hacksaw Gaming Vendor Features

Even though Hacksaw Gaming is still the new kid on the block, they’ve already churned out a boatload of top-notch games. The slots are where it’s at, with some wicked mechanics and an atmosphere that’ll suck you right in.

Top that with a decent RTP, high volatility, and the option to buy your way into bonus games, and you’re looking at a recipe for a kick-ass time and some potentially fat stacks.

Basic mechanics


King Carrot

When this bad boy pops up on the reels, it swaps out random low-paying symbols with the top-dog symbol. And get this, you can score multiple King Carrots at once, swapping out even more symbols. Plus, each time it shows up, you get a free re-spin (you’ll find this trick in the King Carrot slot).


Sticky Win Spin

Nail 3 or more thumbs up and you trigger a re-spin. During this, every extra thumbs-up gets sticky and gives you another re-spin. The more thumbs you snag, the fatter the final prize – we’re talking up to a 2048x multiplier (check this out in the Stick’Em slot).


Bubble Boosters

During any spin, bubbles of various sizes can rock up, ranging from 1×1 to 3×3, and you can get between 1 and 5 of these. These bubbles could be packed with wild symbols, extra multipliers, or both. If a multiplier lands on a winning combo, the payout gets a nice little boost (you can find this mechanic in the Tasty Treats slot).


Cranky Cat

A wild symbol with a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier that juices up your line win. You can land multiple Cranky Cats, and if they’re on the same line, they gang up to give your total win a massive multiplier (this mechanic is the star of the Chaos Crew slot).



In the base game, a mystical symbol might show its face on the reels. If it cracks open, you’re looking at a multiplier ranging from 1x to 100x. The multiplier pops up above the reels and multiplies each win. If you score more than one of these symbols, the multipliers stack up. There are three colors, each with its own range: light blue (1x, 2x, 5x), dark blue (10x, 15x, 20x), and striped blue (25x, 50x, 100x). Take this for a spin in the FRUTZ slot.

Maximum multipliers in slots

Hacksaw Gaming slots might not be breaking any records with their multipliers, but they’ve still got some that break the 10,000x mark in certain games.

We’ve got the goods – here’s a list of a few slots with the highest claimed multipliers:

GameMaximum multipliers
Wanted Dead or Wildx12500
Cubes 2x10500

But wait, there’s more! Besides the sick slots, Hacksaw Gaming’s got scratch games on offer too. These babies can have multipliers that rocket up to a mind-blowing 500,000x your bet. We’ve got the deets right here:

Scratch a Million – Lock in your bet at 2€ and you could be laughing all the way to the bank with up to 1,000,000€ (that’s 500,000x your bet!).

Spooky Scary Scratch – Set your sights on a 1.5€ fixed bet and you could be raking in up to 150,000€ (that’s 100,000x your bet!).

The Perfect Scratch – Chuck in a 2€ fixed bet and you could be pocketing up to 200,000€ (again, 100,000x your bet!).

And don’t miss the ones that have a cool 1,000,000€ fixed max prize: Born Wild, The Big One, Forest Fortune, The Bomb, and The Haunted Circus.

Buy bonus feature

Most of Hacksaw Gaming’s slots let you buy into the bonus games. And some even let you pick and choose between different bonus types, each with its own price tag and volatility level.

Bonus games will set you back anywhere from 100x to 400x your bet.

We’ve scoured the scene and made a hit list of the hottest slots with the bonus buy feature:

King Carrot – You can snag a bonus game in this slot for a neat 110x your bet.

Wanted Dead or a Wild – Choose from 3 different bonus types with medium (80x your bet), high (400x your bet), and super high volatility (200x your bet).

Chaos Crew – Get in on the bonus action for 129x your bet.

Joker Bombs – You can unlock the bonus game for a sweet 100x your bet.

Stack’Em – Dive into the bonus game for 129x your bet.

Hacksaw Gaming RTP

Hacksaw Gaming’s slots ain’t playing around when it comes to RTP, clocking in at a solid 96.32% on average. Paired with high volatility and juicy max multipliers, your chances of bagging some big wins are pretty darn tasty.

We didn’t leave any stones unturned and put together a list of the top 3 slots with the highest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Joker Bomb96,42
Let It Snow96,42
Cash Compas96,42

And also with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Toshi Video Club96,17

It is worth mentioning a few slots, with the highest RTP in the bonus games:

GameRTP, %
Aztec Twist96,57
Joker Bomb96,46

And, since the provider is developing scratch cards, let’s look at the 3 games with the highest RTP:

GameRTP, %
The Perfect Scratch70,10
Football Scratch65,27
Gold Coins60,10

Hacksaw Gaming Distinguishing Characteristics

As I mentioned before, Hacksaw Gaming is whipping up two types of treats: slots and scratch cards. Initially, they were all about those scratch cards, but lately, they’ve shifted gears to slots since those bad boys are stealing the show. When Hacksaw Gaming rolls up their sleeves to make games, they live and breathe a couple of golden rules: get creative and knock it outta the park with top-notch tech. You can tell by the fact that, even though they’ve got a modest lineup, it’s a smorgasbord of variety – both in themes and gameplay mechanics. Plus, let’s give props where it’s due – their games are slick on mobile, so you can get your game on not just on your PC but on your gadgets too.

Since Hacksaw Gaming is still the new kid on the block, they’re making a beeline for the European market and are already making waves in over 18 countries, backed up by the thumbs up from the big shot regulators.

This provider is a dream come true for players who dig slots with high or medium volatility and get a kick out of mixing things up in the gameplay department. If you’re fed up with the same old slots and their spinny ways, Hacksaw Gaming’s got a couple of curveballs like Cubes or Cubes 2.

Games By Hacksaw Gaming Provider

Games By Hacksaw Gaming Provider

In a sea of games, it’s tough finding the new and shiny, so we’re giving you the inside scoop on Hacksaw Gaming’s slots. You’ll find more than just eye candy and eargasmic soundtracks; there’s a buffet of mechanics in the regular spins and bonus games.

Let’s break down a few of their crowd-pleasers.

King Carrot

We’re talking a fruits-and-veggies slot with a max multiplier that’s through the roof – 10,000x!

In the base game, there are 2 special symbols to keep an eye on – King Carrot and Epic King Carrot. If King Carrot graces you with his presence, a random symbol gets swapped out for the big money symbol (carrot) and sets off a free re-spin. If you hit the jackpot with multiple King Carrots, you get multiple symbol swaps. And after the swap, 1 to 3 Epic King Carrots can drop, which kick the carrot symbol up a notch with a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 100x.

In the bonus game, every King Carrot you score permanently changes a random symbol into the big kahuna (carrot), so with every spin, you’re raking in the primo symbol in place of the old one. And just like in the base game, you can land multiple King Carrots, giving the cheap symbols the boot. This way, you might just fill the screen with the ritzy symbols, making it rain big wins.

If you’re itching to dive into the bonus game, you can fast-track it by buying in at 110x your bet.

Wanted Dead or a Wild

Saddle up and head into the rough and tumble world of the Wild West, where you can score a whopping multiplier of x12500 on your bet. Yeehaw!

During regular spins, keep your eyes peeled for the VS symbol. It’ll take over the whole reel and randomly give you a multiplier from x2 to x100.

What’s pretty dang cool is that this slot has not one, but three types of scatters and three types of bonus games to match. And guess what? You can buy your way into any of ‘em for a price.

  • Duel at Dawn – When you reel in three Duel scatters, you’re in for the “Duel at Dawn” round. For the next 10 free spins, you’ll see those VS symbols falling more often than rain in the desert.
  • The Great Train Robbery – Hook three Train Robbery symbols and you’ll trigger “The Great Train Robbery” bonus game. During this wild ride, all wild symbols stick like glue and stay put for the entirety of 10 free spins.
  • Dead Man’s Hand – Pull three Dead symbols and you’re playing the “Dead Man’s Hand” bonus feature. It’s a two-step hootenanny; during the first stage, you’ll get three spins to rake in as many wild symbols (up to 20) and multipliers (x31) as you can. Snagging even one symbol or multiplier resets the spin counter. Stage two gives you three spins where all the wilds you collected get thrown onto the reels, and your winnings get multiplied by the multiplier you racked up.

Chaos Crew

This slot is oozing with character, boasting top-notch sound effects, high volatility, and a sky-high max multiplier of x10000 on your bet.

In regular spins, you might reel in the wild Cranky Cat symbol, packing a multiplier of x2, x3, or x5, giving your line win a nifty boost. If multiple cats show up, their multipliers multiply together for some serious loot.

Snag three Free Spins symbols, and you’re off to the bonus game, where you get three spins, each one potentially dropping one of four symbols:

  • Cranky Cat – It’s got a multiplier from x2 to x20, which it uses to pump up the reel’s current multiplier it landed on.
  • Epic Cranky Cat – Same as the regular Cranky Cat, but it boosts the multipliers on all the reels.
  • Sketchy Skull – Adds a number from +1 to +20 to the reel’s multiplier where it appeared.
  • Epic Sketchy Skull – Adds a number from +1 to +20 to the multipliers on all the reels.

Any symbol dropping in refreshes the spin counter. After the bonus game wraps up, you’ll pocket the total multiplier you amassed.

And if you’re itching to dive straight into the bonus game, you can pony up and buy it for 129 times your bet.

Providers with similar mechanics

If you’re a regular at Hacksaw Gaming slots, you might scratch your head and wonder, “Are there any game providers out there that feel like Hacksaw Gaming?”

Well, buddy, you bet there are! And we’re talking similar not just in terms of volatility, but game mechanics too.

When it comes to volatility, NetEnt, Elk Studios, Thunderkick are like long-lost cousins to Hacksaw Gaming.

For mechanics that feel like déjà vu, check out slots from Pragmatic Pla and Play’N’Go.

And hey, if scratch cards are your jam, don’t skip out on Playtech and Belatra.

Pros And Cons Of Hacksaw Gaming

As you’ve probably gathered from our chitchat here, Hacksaw Gaming is a fairly young gun, but don’t let that fool you – they’ve churned out a truckload of nifty games in no time.

We’re talking scratch cards with ginormous top prizes, games with a fixed “jackpot” of a cool million euros, and of course, everybody’s beloved video slots that boast snazzy graphics and a smorgasbord of game mechanics. Plus, Hacksaw’s got their finger on the pulse with a solid focus on mobile optimization, so you can spin the reels whether you’re stuck in traffic or lounging on your couch.

Now let’s lay out the pros and cons of this provider in a way that’s easy on the eyes.


  • High-quality music and graphic design of games
  • Perfect optimization for cell phones and tablets
  • Scratch games
  • High level of RTP in the slots and the presence of multiple licenses


  • Not a very large number of slots
  • Lack of table and live games
  • Not the highest maximum multipliers in slots


Young, but promising – this is how we can briefly describe the provider. Systematic approach to product creation and qualitative analysis of players’ needs allowed the company in the shortest time to understand in what direction we should move to become popular among players and among the best casinos. The high level of technical expertise and thorough elaboration, together with creativity, gives everything that we love so much in slots. Here you will find both high RTP and high volatility, which with nice maximum multipliers gives great chances of high winnings.

Final score: 7,8/10


Does the provider only produce slots, or are there other products?

In addition to slots, the developer also produces scratch cards and games with a fixed maximum winnings 1000000€.

Are the games from Hacksaw Gaming honest and are they licensed?

Games from the provider have been tested and meet international standards, it has several licenses from major regulators.

What is the average RTP of slots and how much volatility do they have?

The average RTP in the slots is 96.32%, the volatility is medium or high.

Can I play company games from my phone?

You can, because the manufacturer is guided by the principle of mobile friendly, which means a high level of adaptation of games for cell phones and tablets.

Is the Bonus Game Buying feature available?

Most of the slots provider has a bonus game purchase feature, and some have different bonus options.

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