Habanero Casino Games Provider

Habanero Casino Games Provider

In this article, we’re gonna take a deep dive into Habanero, a relatively fresh-faced international provider that’s got digs in cities like Kyiv, Manila, Johannesburg, and Sofia.

One of the juicy bits about this provider is its pretty banging game portfolio, packing in over 150 games. We’re talking not just slots, but also a heap of card games and even roulette.

Another major feather in their cap is the support for over 34 different languages, and multi-currency action, including the ability to go ham with cryptocurrency.

The Best Casinos With Habanero Provider

Habanero’s games are eye-candy, with killer graphics and sound that carve out their own swag. The cool mechanics and a smorgasbord of themes keep players coming back for more. As a result, this provider is a piece of cake to find in any decent casino, despite its greenhorn status. We’ve rustled up a list of the best casinos where you can spin the reels on Habanero slots.

Full Review Of Habanero Provider

Full Review Of Habanero Provider

Habanero hit the scene in 2012. In just 10 years, these guys blew up into a big-league company and set up shop around the globe, from Europe to Africa. They owe it to their creative mojo in game-making and a nitpicky attention to translating their gear into a ton of languages, making them a hit with players from all corners.

Initially, Habanero had its sights on the Asian market and swiftly made a splash, consistently landing in various top-5 lists. After nailing it in the Far East, they shifted gears and gunned for Europe. They made waves at expos like EIG Berlin and snagged nominations for high-flying awards like “Best Casino Product” at the Global Gaming Awards London 2018.

Worth a shout is that Habanero keeps branching into new markets, securing licenses and thumbs-up from local watchdogs. Some of the latest conquests include Spain and Latin America.

Provider history in dates

As mentioned, Habanero hit the ground running in 2012.

On June 15, 2012, they rolled out their first slot, Mummy Money.

For the first 6 years, they cranked out a slew of products and made a name for themselves in Asia. In 2018, Habanero kicked off a full-throttle campaign to break into the European market, with Italy as one of the first stops.

In 2019, the company threw a bash for the release of its 100th slot.

In 2020, they rubbed shoulders at the international ICE London 2020 expo, and a year later scored licenses from MGA (Malta) and ONJN (Romania).

In 2021, Habanero hotfooted it into Latin America.

Provider Habanero these days

Nowadays, the slot-making maestro Habanero is pedal to the metal, churning out at least one game a month. As a globetrotting company, they don’t slack on translating their gear into different languages and tweaking it for local tastes, which gets a big thumbs up from players.

They also play nice with other market big shots, and we’re not just talking online casinos and media outlets. They’re also in cahoots with major lottery providers in Latin America, like LOTBA.

What Does Game Provider Habanero Offer?

What Does Game Provider Habanero Offer

As we’ve been yakkin’ about, game-maker Habanero hooks you up with slots that are decked out with top-notch visuals and a smorgasbord of gameplay mechanics. Standing tall in its own league is the spread of themes, rocking stuff that vibes with both the Asian player crowd and the Latin American homies.

And, heck yeah, let’s not forget the rock-solid software and the slick adaptation for your trusty pocket rockets. We’ll break it down some more, so hang tight.

Software quality

Software quality

Since Habanero’s the new kid on the block, all their gear is built on the latest and greatest HTML5. This tech-savvy architecture means Habanero slots are both easy on the eyes and chock-full of diverse gaming mechanics.

Range of games

Range of games

The cats at Habanero are really big on culture and themes. You’ve got your Asian-flavored treats like Lantern Luck, Wealth Inn, and then there’s a boatload of Latin American spice with games like Calaveras Explosivas, 5 Mariachis. They’ve even got Christmas wrapped up with goodies like Happiest Christmas Trees and Santa’s Village.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

Their tech game is on point, and the proof’s in the pudding with the quality of their output. They’ve got a trunkful of licenses, and independent labs giving the thumbs-up to their products, sealing the deal on fair play and keeping those random number generators honest.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

Habanero popped up just as mobile gaming was catching fire, so their whole lineup is slick as butter on smartphones and tablets. No sweat or headaches for players looking to hit the slots on the go.

Provider Licenses

Provider Licenses

These guys are packing some heavy-duty licenses. Check ‘em out:

  • License from MGA (Malta), under the badge MGA/B2B/643/2018
  • License from ONJN (Romania), under the tag Nr.2111/29.09.2020

On top of that, they’re rolling with a bunch of certificates handed out by countries far and wide, with over 22 in their back pocket, plus a handful of local licenses.

Habanero Vendor Features

Habanero Vendor Features

This game provider’s got some neat tricks up its sleeve, with crazy diverse gameplay mechanics and, get this, wicked high volatility in most of their slots. This cocktail, mixed with some sweet max multipliers that can shoot past x50000, gives you a high-octane, action-packed ride with killer potential to hit the jackpot.

Also, for the high-rollers who can’t be bothered to spin hundreds of times waiting for a bonus, some of Habanero’s games let you buy straight into the bonus game – a feature that’ll hit the sweet spot for the impatient lot. And of course, we’re gonna dish the dirt on the provider’s average RTP and a couple of their star slots.

Basic mechanics


Tumble game

This ain’t your grandma’s slot! Some of Habanero’s big shots use this funky setup where instead of the same ol’ reels, you’ve got a heap of symbols tumbling onto each other – up to 30 figures at a time. They roll in clusters, meaning they gotta be snug as a bug. Once they’ve had their run, they often blow up and then more symbols rain down from above. Check this out in the slot, Calaveras Explosivas.


Moving Stacked Re-Spin

When the big boy symbols land on a whole reel, they’re locked and loaded for a re-spin where they shimmy over one reel to the right. The re-spins keep coming until the cluster bails outta the game area. Try your hand at this in Marvelous Furlongs.



The ever-popular cascade mechanic, where the played-out symbols get booted and fresh ones drop in to take their place. You’ll find this in a bunch of Habanero’s slots, like Fly!


Lantern Multipliers

Some symbols on the grid are lit up and when they’re part of a winning combo, each one kicks in a x1 multiplier to the total win. Get in on this in Lantern Luck.


Scopa Payout

If all the symbols on the board hit, you’re in for a payday equal to 25x your stake. Get in the mix with Scopa.

Maximum multipliers in slots

The provider plays it cool and doesn’t shout about the max multipliers in their slots, but with some brainpower, you can work it out – and that’s just what we did. Here’s a nifty table with 5 games that pack some heavyweight multipliers.

GameMaximum multiplier
Calaveras Explosivasx426000
Before Times Runs Outx83000
Orb Of Atlantisx60000
Naughty Santax57600
Return To The Futurex54000

Buy bonus feature

Some Provider games have a bonus game purchase feature available, we have prepared a list with the 3 most popular slots in which it is possible to buy free spins.

Return To The Future – 3 types of bonus game with a value of x22, x24 and x35 of the bet.

Orbs of Atlantis – in the slot is available to buy 3 different bonus games, the value of which depends on the number of scatters, and is: x30 for 3-8 scatters, x43 for 4 and x73 for 5 scatters.

Christmas Gift Rush – activation of the bonus feature is worth x30 of the bet.

RTP разработчика Habanero

The average RTP of the provider is 96%, and there are clear favorites, with an RTP value of 98%, as well as outsiders.

We would like to present 3 slots with the highest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Arcane Element98,08
Dragon`s Throne98,05
Fortune Dogs98,00

As well as the 3 slots with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Frontier Fortunes93,58
Dragon Castle94,03

Ability to change RTP

Worth a shout that in the slots from this provider, there’s a nifty option to switch up the RTP, so keep your eyes peeled and always check the RTP in the casino games you’re playing. To suss it out, just hit that cogwheel in the bottom-left corner and scroll down to see the lowdown.

Habanero Distinguishing Characteristics

What sets this provider apart is not only the top-notch graphics but also a smorgasbord of game mechanics. One helluva feature is the progressive mechanics which lets you rake in extra bonuses after a set number of spins.
Another biggie is that the games are localized in a bunch of languages, and support all sorts of currencies, both your regular cash and crypto.
Talking about catering to different markets, these guys don’t put all their eggs in one basket. They’ve got slots tailored for the Asian market, a bunch that are all the rage in Latin America, and some with a European twist.
Chatting about the provider’s volatility, it’s got something for everyone – from low volatility games that are perfect for grinding out bonuses, to some with sky-high volatility that could make you a big winner.

Games By Habanero Provider

Games By Habanero Provider

The games are packed with diverse mechanics and have killer graphics and sound, so whether you’re on a desktop or mobile, you’re in for a treat.

Worth a special mention are the various progressive mechanics and the juicy jackpots in some of the games. Now, let’s have a butcher’s at some of the provider’s most popular games in a bit more detail.

Calaveras Explosivas

This slot is a blast with its funky physics and a mammoth max multiplier that’s over x400,000.

The bee’s knees of this game is the Tumble Game mechanic, where instead of your standard reels, you’ve got a pileup of symbols that play in clusters. When you hit a combo, they disappear and are replaced by new ones dropping in from above. Plus, with each win, the multiplier keeps growing, peaking at x128 after 8 consecutive wins.

It’s also got the classic wild symbol mechanic that substitutes for everything except the scatter.

Another cool feature is the Badge Multipliers, where each high-paying symbol in a winning combo bumps up the line multiplier by x1. The line win is then multiplied by the total multiplier.

There’s no standalone bonus game, but the scatter symbol in this one is worth its weight in gold.

This slot also has a Jackpot Race mechanic, which is a jackpot that hits paydirt at a specific time.

Marvelous Furlongs

Here’s a slot themed around horse racing and packing a whopping max multiplier over x50,000.

The slot has your bread and butter wild symbol mechanic, but the kicker is that it doubles as a scatter. Then there’s this spicy Moving Stacked Re-Spin mechanic that kicks in when one of the four high-paying symbols lands across an entire reel. The reel then locks in place and triggers re-spins while moving right until it bounces out of the screen.

To get the bonus game rolling, you need either 3 wild symbols or to trigger the Calendar Future. The lowdown on Calendar Future is that there’s a calendar in-game and every 4 spins mark a new day. The first Saturday of every month triggers the regular bonus game, but the first Saturday in May is when the magic happens with the Marvelous Free Game.

Before the bonus kicks in, you pick a jockey in a certain color. Each win with the jockey in your color nudges him forward. If by the end of the spins your jockey finishes 1st to 3rd, you’re pocketing x66 for 1st place, x33 for 2nd, and x15 for 3rd. With the Marvelous Free Game, the stakes are higher with payouts being x3333 for 1st place, x666 for 2nd, and x333 for 3rd.


This slot’s got a cute-as-a-button cartoon elephant and a high chance to hit paydirt.

The slot features the classic cluster mechanic, Grouped Pay, where clusters hit when you’ve got 7+ symbols. Also in the mix is the avalanche mechanic that swaps out winning symbols.

A nifty feature is the progressive mechanic that guarantees a bonus game within 160 spins. The skinny on this one is that for every 20 spins, you get a balloon. Once you’ve bagged 8 balloons, you’ll see 3+ scatters drop and the bonus game kicks off.

Also, landing at least 3 scatters straight up triggers a bonus game with 10+ spins, where you’re handed 8 balloons. Each one pops when you hit the right cluster. Once you’ve popped ‘em all, the Circus Free Spins bonus game takes off. For every winning combo, you bag a balloon of a certain color until you’ve got 8. If you collect them all, each one pops to reveal cash prizes from x25 to a jaw-dropping x25,000 of your stake.

Providers with similar mechanics

On the whole, the provider’s games are pretty off the wall, and it’s not easy to find dead ringers. But we gave it a shot. If you’re into providers with all sorts of progressive mechanics, then BetSoft is your guy. And if you’re scouting for slots with a similar vibe in volatility and RTP, then set your sights on Yggdrasil and Microgaming.

Pros And Cons Of Habanero

The provider’s games are filled with quality pictures and game diversity. In them, you can find both popular ideas from other providers, as well as their own developments. Another important criterion is the quality translation of the games into different languages, which allows players from all over the world to enjoy the game with comfort.

It is also worth noting a high level of adaptation for mobile devices of different operating systems, and quality mobile interface.
We would like to present the main pros and cons of the provider in a clear form:


  • A good level of gameplay variety
  • High maximum multipliers
  • Good localization and support for a large number of currencies
  • Key licenses and excellent mobile adaptation


  • Small number of table and live games
  • Lack of “book” slots


In conclusion, I would like to say that the provider has managed to take its place on the market in a short time and is loved by many players from all over the world. This was possible thanks to painstaking work and the right approach to product development, which includes not only the work on the graphical component, but also a creative approach to the game mechanics, as well as the implementation of their own ideas, such as progressive bonus games. Availability of jackpots in many games together with high maximum multipliers allowed Provider to attract the most part of players who need not only beautiful and interesting gameplay but also high winning potential.

Final score: 7,8/10


What is so remarkable about Habanero?

Provider is interesting, first of all, its progressive mechanics, allowing a guaranteed bonus game after a certain number of spins.

Does the provider have a license?

The company holds several key licenses, such as MGA and ONJN, as well as a number of certifications from independent laboratories and various local regulators.

Does the provider have a thematic focus?

Provider operates around the world, as a consequence, he has no specific topics, but in its arsenal of a large number of games that take into account local cultural characteristics of different countries and regions, from Asia to Latin America.

Can I play ISP products from my cell phone?

You can, because all of its games are built on HTML5, which is an advanced solution that allows you to play even in the browser of a cell phone or tablet.

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