ELK Studios Casino Games Provider

ELK Studios Casino Games Provider

Here we are going to take a look at ELK Studios, a Swedish provider. When developing its games, the company is based on the principle “quality, not quantity”. Therefore, the gaming arsenal of the provider is not very large, and is about 50 slots, but each game is filled with beautiful graphics. Moreover, the slots from ELK have unique game mechanics, for which the provider is so loved by players around the world.

Also, worth noting is the high level of creative energy and excellent understanding of the market, which allowed the company in a short time to release a number of products that have no analogues in the industry. Besides, it has earned a reputation as one of the most original developers.

The Best Casinos With The ELK Provider

At the moment, the provider actively cooperates with more than 500 online casinos around the world, actively promoting its products. That is why ELK Studios slot machines are widely represented in the most different gambling clubs. Especially for you, we have compiled a list of the best online casinos, where the games of the provider are available:

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Full Review Of ELK Studio Provider

Full Review Of ELK Studio Provider

ELK Studios provider began its activities in 2013, in the Swedish capital Stockholm. For almost 10 years of active development, the provider managed to release about 50 slots, each of which has its own atmosphere, filled with both beautiful graphics and excellent sound, and a large number of innovative mechanics.

The company has been loud at trade shows like ICE London and has won a number of prestigious awards, such as Game of The Year, winning it at the 2017 EGR Operators Award for its Wild Toro slot. It hasn’t forgotten about getting key licenses from regulators like the UKGC, MGA and ONJN.

The company’s successes have been highlighted more than once by getting into various business rankings. For example, in 2019 ELK was ranked 9th in the rating of fast-growing companies in Sweden by Di Gassel. It is also noteworthy that many slots have an interesting feature, X-iter, which is the company’s own development. It represents various special spins, guaranteed 100% win, or the activation of some mechanics.

Provider history in dates

As mentioned, the company’s story began in 2013.

On October 14, 2013, their first slot, The Lab, was released. And 2 months later, on December 14, 2013 the second slot Electric Sam is released, developed in partnership with Frozen and Coca-Cola Commercial.

On February 17, 2014, game provider ELK Studios makes its first appearance at ICE London.

November 14, 2015 enters the Deloitte fast50 Sweden ranking, ranking there at number 4 of the fastest growing companies. In the same year, game producer ELK Studios receives its first license from UKGC.

In 2019, ELK gets a license from MGA, and 2 years later from ONJN.

On March 21, 2021, their first slot with its own X-iter feature is released, it is Bompers.

Provider ELK these days

These days, slot vendor ELK Studios continues the original vector of development. The provider focuses on the quality of each product, carefully considering the idea and creating interesting mechanics and proprietary features.

It also actively promotes its slots with marketing events such as ELK Complete, which allows operators to hold tournaments in the provider’s games. This stimulates players to rank high and receive extra prizes for doing so. In addition to tournaments, the provider also has individual tasks for some slots, by completing these tasks the player is rewarded with good bonuses.

What Does Game Provider Offer?

What Does Game Provider Offer

Despite not the largest range of slots, game developer ELK Studios boasts a wide variety of products. And in all its games you will find both high quality software and excellent adaptation of games for mobile devices. We would like to analyze the main technical aspects of the provider a little bit more.

Software quality

Software quality

Slots from ELK Studios based on modern HTML5 architecture. Most of its games use an element of WebGL, thanks to which it is possible to introduce a large number of interesting game mechanics. Also, it improves the quality of the elaboration of graphic and sound components, providing a pleasant picture and a comfortable game.

Range of games

Range of games

ELK Studios focuses heavily on the thematic range, trying to meet the needs of players from all over the world. That’s why in the games of the provider you can find completely different themes, from Spanish Corrida, in Wild Toro series slots, to post-apocalyptic Nitropolis.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

Careful testing of the software before it is released is the main tool against various bugs and crashes. Placing games on the provider’s servers eliminates the possibility of third parties interfering and influencing the result. And the presence of licenses from key regulators confirms the fairness of the game and the reliability of random number generators.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

The provider supports the current trend of optimizing games for mobile devices. Therefore, it is possible to play its products not only from a computer, but also from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Provider Licenses

ELK Licenses

Provider has a number of licenses from the most respected regulators, here are some of them:

  • License from UKGC (UK) number 40844
  • License from MGA (Malta) number MGA/B2B/605/2018
  • License from ONJN (Romania) nr.821/15.05.202

ELK Studio Vendor Features

ELK Studio Vendor Features

Provider’s slots have a number of interesting features, such as unique mechanics and proprietary features. Players will also be pleased with the nice maximum multipliers, which exceed x10000 of the bet in some games.

Another pleasant fact will be that in most of the games of the provider is available to buy a bonus game. Also, there is a special X-iter feature that allows you to get guaranteed winnings or activate an improved bonus.

Basic mechanics

The main mechanics, presented in slots from BTG, have the prefix “Mega”.

Maximum multipliers in slots

The maximum multipliers in ELK slots are not very large compared to rivals. But on the whole they are quite pleasant and reach x12500 from bet.

We have prepared for you a table of 5 slots with the highest multipliers.

GameMaximal multiplier
Katmandu Goldx10000
Wild Toro 2x10000
Zulu Goldx10000

Buy bonus feature

In many slots from ELK available “Buy Bonus Feature”, and a special X-iter function. We have prepared a list of the 5 most popular slots with the possibility of buying a bonus game for you.

Illogicool. Bonus game can be bought for x100 and x500 of the bet, as well as available 3 X-iter feature:

  • 100% winnings are worth x5 of the bet.
  • 3 wild symbols are worth x10 of the bet
  • Activation of the Troubles feature costs x25 of the bet.

Katmandu Gold. Bonus games are available at x100 and x500 of the bet.

Wild Toro 2. Bonus games are available for x100, x250 and x500 of the bet, also available for 2 X-iter features:

  • 100% winnings will cost x5 of the bet
  • 1 wild symbol costs x25 of your bet

Book of Toro. There are 3 types of bonuses available in the game, with a value of x50, x100, x500, as there are 2 functions X-iter:

  • Spin with a guaranteed Mummy symbol is worth x10 of your bet
  • Rotation with a guaranteed wild symbol Toro is worth x25 of the bet

Nitropolis 2. 3 types of bonus game with a cost of x100, x200 and x500, as well as available 2 functions X-iter:

  • 100% winnings will cost you x5 of the bet
  • 3 spins with 6 Nitro Booster mechanics will cost you x25 of the bet

Provider RTP

The developer’s average RTP is 96.2%. The deviation from this value in the slots of the provider is small, but we decided to make a table for you with 3 slots, in which the provider declared the highest level of RTP.

GameRTP, %
Ho Ho Tower96,40
Taco Brothers Saving Christmas96,40
Wild Toro96,40

And also reviewed three games with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Nitropolis 295,00
Dream Diver95,00

ELK Distinguishing Characteristics

In general, ELK Studios is unique and has a lot of distinctive features. First and foremost, we can refer to the variety of game mechanics, some of which are similar to the mechanics of other providers, and some are our own development. It is also worth noting the high level of graphics and sound design, so that the gameplay is saturated and does not get bored. And of course an important feature is the average RTP and high volatility, which together with good maximum multipliers, like risky gamblers.

Games From ELK Studios

Games From ELK Studios

Now we would like to look at some of the most popular slots of the provider.


Futuristic slot with a maximum multiplier of x10000 of the bet. During standard spins a number of interesting mechanics are presented, such as:

  • Troubles. “Fluffy” symbols that are fixed to the cells and turn them into one type of symbols after the end of the spin, provided that 2 adjacent Troubles are rolled.
  • Cool Reel. An additional reel located on top of the playing field from which new symbols fall, if the field has a game.
  • Monster Wild. When participating in a winning combination, turns the entire reel into a wild.

There are 2 types of scatters in the game, regular (gold) and super (fluffy). On a hit of 3+ scatters, one of the 2 types of bonus game is triggered.

During the bonus game, there is a progressive multiplier that is applied to each winning. In the case of the regular bonus game it is equal to x1, in the case of super bonus game, from x5 to x30, depending on the number of scatters fell out.

Also, during the bonus spins, two new symbols are added to the game, namely Extra Drops, which adds free spins, and Multipliers, which increases your progressive multiplier.

It should be noted that the slot features an X-iter with which you can buy a win-win spin or activate one of the mechanics, as well as buy one of the 2 types of bonus game.

Wild Toro 2

Take part in the Spanish Corrida, and challenge for a maximum multiplier of over x10000 of the bet. A number of interesting mechanics are available in the game, such as:

  • Respin Trigger. On a hit of one of the 4 special characters (3 matador and bull), free spins are triggered, in which the symbol is shifted to the left until it leaves the reel. In addition, 1 line is added to the playing field from above.
  • Toro Goes Berzerk. On a roll of the special symbol Toro (bull), it also shifts to the left, increasing its multiplier by 1 for each spin. In the second case, it rushes towards the matador, leaving the wild symbols behind and applying its own multiplier to winnings, as well as adding to its value the multiplier that was with the matador.

It should be noted that there are 4 types of wild symbols in the game:

  1. Wild – the classic wild symbol.
  2. Silver Matador is the usual wild that has no multiplier, but expands the playing field and triggers a series of re-spins.
  3. Gold Matador – has a random multiplier, and also expands the playing field, shifting to the left in repeated spins.
  4. Toro is a “bonus” symbol that activates the mechanic Toro Goes Berzerk.

The slot also presents a feature X-iter, with which you can buy a win-win rotation or activate one of the 4 mechanics.

Nitropolis 2

A sequel to the famous Nitropolis with updated mechanics and the X-iter function. A number of mechanics are available during regular spins, such as:

  • Nitro Reels – replaces 2 squares and contains 4 to 12 symbols of the same type.
  • Winning Respin – all played symbols, including those that were in Nitro Reels, re-spin, creating the possibility of even more winnings.
  • Nitro Booster – a special line located above the reels in which various features can drop out.

There are 8 varieties of these functions:

  1. Respin. All Nitro Reels and bonus symbols remain in place, while the rest of the playing field rotates.
  2. Both Ways. All lines play both ways.
  3. All Wild. All Nitro Reels will contain only wild symbols.
  4. All Premium. All Nitro Reels will contain only expensive symbols.
  5. All Match. All Nitro Reels will only contain symbols to the left.
  6. Nitro Wild. When multiple Nitro Reels appear on the same reel, the wild symbol appears.
  7. Nitro Upgrade. If you have several Nitro Reels on the same reel, they improve and an additional symbol appears.
  8. Nitro Match. All Nitro Reels roll with the symbol to their left.

A roll of 3-6 scatters is required to start the bonus game, after which 10-25 free spins begin. During the bonus, all Nitro Reels remain in place and Nitro Booster is activated more often, giving different combinations of the bonus game. Also, available for purchase are 3 types of bonus game with a value of x100, x200 and x500 of the bet.

It is noteworthy that the game also has a feature X-iter, with which you can buy a bonus, or a guaranteed win spin, as well as 3 spins with 6 active boosts Nitro Boost.

Providers with similar mechanics

ELK Studios is rightfully considered one of the most creative providers, so it’s hard enough to find a replacement. But if you want to try something new, but on a similar theme, you should pay attention to Play’N’Go and Push Gaming.

Pros And Cons Of ELK

In the modern market of the gambling industry, it is difficult to find something interesting and unusual, so the games from the ELK Studios received a hearty welcome. They combine beautiful graphics and interesting themes, as well as unique mechanics, designed without looking back at their rivals. Attention to detail in development has done its job. Although the provider has a relatively small number of slots, but each of them is memorable for a long time, and keeps the gambler coming back to the provider’s games again. Now we would like to present the pros and cons of the provider in a clear form.


  • Creative development and unusual mechanics
  • Variety in bonus games
  • International licenses
  • Patented X-Iter feature


  • Small number of slots
  • No table, live and jackpot games


Creative energy and game variety are two words that can briefly describe the provider. It is thanks to the vector on the development of their own ideas, rather than blindly following the market, the company in a short time could gather a considerable community and form a solid reputation. I would like to mention again the unique mechanics in most of the developer’s slots, thanks to which the gameplay, especially during the bonus game, becomes intense and unique, which makes us return again and again to our favorite games of the provider.

Final score: 8,5/10

Frequently Asked Questions

What is interesting about ELK?

Foremost, ELK is interesting by its creative approach to the development of slots. And not only from a graphical point of view, but also from the gaming point of view. Just look at the X-iter feature that allows you to buy win-win spins or activation of one of the mechanics.

Does the provider have any licenses?

Yes, the provider has key licenses from UKGC, MGA, ONJN and others.

What is the provider’s average RTP and volatility of its slots?

The average RTP is 96.25% and the volatility in most slots is high, so the provider is great for risky players who like to catch high winnings.

Are the slots adapted for mobile devices?

All the provider’s products are perfectly adapted for cell phones or tablets, so you won’t have any problems even on older devices.

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