Play`N Go Casino Games Provider

Play`N Go Casino Games Provider

We’re putting the spotlight on the Swedish gaming maestro, Play’N Go, which is pretty much a granddaddy in the biz since kickin’ off in 1997.

One of Play’N Go’s killer features is the tight bond between the operators and players, and they owe that to nifty systems like OMNY and GAT, which are all about fine-tuning and pimping out each game.

These guys have their arsenal split into a few rad categories:

  • Slots – including the Dynamic Payways slots, IP games, and Grid Slots.
  • Video Bingo – bingo bashes coming at you in all flavors.
  • Table Games – the classics like video poker, blackjack, and roulette.
  • Fixed Odds – special games where the odds are set in stone.

And, let’s not forget the smorgasbord of slots. Whether you’re into low-volatility slots, perfect for chipping away at those bonuses, or high-volatility beasts with juicy multipliers, they’ve got something to get the adrenaline junkies pumped and chasing the big bucks.

The Best Casinos With Play’N’Go Provider

Play’N Go’s pretty much an MVP in a lot of areas, so it’s a no-brainer that top-tier casinos keep this heavy-hitter in their lineup. With a buffet of gaming goodness, Play’N Go lets every punter find their jam and have a ball. So, if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know these cats, we highly recommend getting up close and personal. We’ve got you sorted with a killer list of the creme-de-la-creme casinos where you can take it for a spin:

Full Review Of Play’N’Go Provider

Full Review Of Play'N'Go Provider

Play’N Go, the gaming provider, kicked off in the cozy Swedish town of Vaxjo back in ’97, and they started out in the B2B world, cooking up goodies for other companies. But, eight years in, they figured they’d take a stab at making their own games – and boy, did they hit the jackpot! They churned out a string of crowd-pleasers in no time, and made a splash on the scene.

Play’N Go was one of the early birds to catch on that mobile tech was the next big wave, and they hustled to get their games smartphone and tablet-friendly.

Armed with licenses from the big-shot regulators like UKGC and MGA, they put the pedal to the metal and ramped up their game-making game, churning out both slots and various table games.

And, they didn’t slack on making a splash at the industry expos, where they bagged some shiny hardware, like “Provider of the Year” at the EGR B2B Awards and “Developer of the Year” at the SBC Awards.

Provider history in dates

As we’ve mentioned, Play’N Go’s been in the game since 1997.

They really got the ball rolling on their own game development in 2005, and by New Year’s Day 2008, they were popping bottles over the release of their first slot, Gunslinger.

On June 11, 2009, they got their UKGC license (that’s the UK, folks), and in 2012 snagged one from MGA (Malta). A year later, they crossed the boot and stormed into the Italian market with a license from their local watchdog.

Play’N Go didn’t just stick to the European scene – in 2015 they made moves down in South America. In 2016, they nabbed a license to rock the Romanian market.

These guys also keep a packed calendar hitting up various expos and online awards, like International Gaming Awards and Malta iGaming Excellence Awards.

Provider Play’N’Go these days

Fast-forward to today, and Play’N Go is still going full-throttle on making games – over 150 and counting, across different genres.

They haven’t forgotten their roots, still teaming up with various companies, including payment powerhouses like Skrill and Neteller, and big-name casinos.

Play’N Go’s slots are constantly topping the charts, and that’s thanks to a small army of over 550 peeps spread across 5 offices. They’ve even got their own in-house scouting system, TalentHub, aimed at roping in top-tier talent from around the globe.

What Does Game Provider Play’N’Go Offer?

What Does Game Provider Play'N'Go Offer

There’s a bunch of nitty-gritty details that the developer needs to ace when crafting their games.

Cause let’s be real – without nailing each and every one of these elements, there’s no shot at cranking out a kickass game that’s gonna get the players fist-pumping. The whole package – silky smooth software, an epic lineup of games, slick mobile optimization, and rock-solid reliability – is what gets gamers jazzed about each game and the provider as a whole.

That’s why Play’N Go is all-in on a 360-degree approach to development, making sure every nook and cranny is covered – and that’s what’s catapulted them to stardom.

Let’s dive into some of these game-changers.

Software quality

Software quality

Play’N Go’s goods – be it slots or table games – are built on that sweet, sweet HTML5 architecture. This gives Play’N Go slots not just the eye candy, but also a smorgasbord of game mechanics that don’t bog down your gadget and run smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.

Range of games

Range of games

As we’ve mentioned, Play’N Go’s lineup is chock-full of variety in terms of themes and the core gaming mojo. ‘Cause let’s face it – loads of gamers dig more than just slots; they’re in it for the table games and bingo, too. And Play’N Go’s got their backs with a hefty buffet of kickass games.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

Rockin’ HTML5 means they can bank on top-notch reliability, which, when coupled with cutting-edge encryption methods, keeps players safe and sound from any funny business. Plus, with the random number generators getting a thumbs up from the top watchdogs, you can bet your bottom dollar that the gameplay’s on the level and the RTPs ain’t just smoke and mirrors.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

Play’N Go was ahead of the curve, zeroing in on making their games mobile-friendly, so now players can get their game on wherever – chilling on the couch with a laptop or riding the bus with a smartphone.

Лицензии провайдера

Provider Licenses

Since Play’N Go’s been in the game for ages, they’ve racked up a killer set of licenses, including:

  • UKGC (United Kingdom) – license numbers 55949 and 21725
  • MGA (Malta) – license number MGA/B2B/225/2012
  • And don’t forget Greece, Romania, Italy

Play’N’Go Vendor Features

Play'N'Go Vendor Features

Play’N Go slots are packing some mad mechanics, and that’s not just during your regular spins but also when you’re in the bonus rounds. Let’s not forget about the volatility, max multipliers, and the average RTP these bad boys are rocking. Buckle up, as we’re about to break down these features!

Basic mechanics


Love Re-Spin

When a special symbol hits the center reel, things get spicy with re-spins kicking in, where only red and gold hearts are in play. The red hearts fill up a meter, racking up your wins – every 5 hearts you collect bumps you up a level. The gold hearts are all about doubling up the win scale. This sweet action is found in the Love Joker slot.



Every spin picks a random symbol to fill up a meter. Once it’s brimming, 1 to 3 wild symbols are thrown into the mix. To fill that sucker up, you gotta get 11 matching symbols in a single spin. You can catch this mechanic in the Reactoonz 2 slot.


Multiplier Wilds

We’re talking wild symbols here that pack a random multiplier from 2x to 100x, juicing up the winnings of any line they’re part of. Check this out in the 15 Crystal Roses a Tale of Love slot.


Eye Marks

The game’s got special cells on the board. Crack ’em open and score 2 wild symbols in regular play. During the bonus round, they fill up a meter, and once it’s topped off, a Mega Wild symbol hits the board. You’ll find this gem in the Tome of Madness slot.


Hand of God

One of the 3 Gods can activate in a random unplayed spin, each of which knows its own function. Hades – turns one set of symbols into another. Poseidon – adds up to 2 wild symbols. Zeus – removes 2 sets of symbols and replaces them with other symbols. The mechanics is presented in the Rise of Olympus slot.

Maximum multipliers in slots

Loads of Play’N Go slots are crammed with juicy max multipliers. We’ve got the down-low in a handy table with 5 slots that boast some mind-blowing multipliers.

GameMaximum multiplier
Enchanted Crystalsx68308
KISS Reels of Rockx50000
Leprechaun Goes to Hellx50000
ZZ Top Roadside Richesx40000
Coils of Cashx30000

Also worth noting bingo games:

GameMaximum multiplier
Hot Bingox207850
Sweet Alchemy Bingox104469
Rainforest Magic Bingox42500

Buy bonus feature

Provider has a negative attitude to the bonus game purchase feature, so this option in his slots is not available.

Play’N’Go RTP

The average RTP in the developer’s slots is 96.35%, which is higher than the average of competitors.

Slots with the highest volatility are:

GameRTP, %
Rage to Riches97,12
Xmas Joker96,98
Wildhound Derby96,93

The slots with the lowest RTP are:

GameRTP, %
Merry Xmas95,78
Lady of Fortune95,79
Samba Carnival95,79

It is also worth mentioning Bingo games with the highest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Sweet Alchemy Bingo97,57
Rainforest Magic Bingo97,38
Triple Chance Hilo96,00

And, of course, card games:

GameRTP, %
Blackjack MH99,49
European Blackjack MH99,37
Mini Baccarat98,76

Changing RTP option

In some slots provider is available to change RTP, so it’s always worth checking the game for the set level of RTP in your casino.

If the casino is regulated by UKGC, the minimum RTP level in slots is 90%.

In the case of MGA it is 92%.

Play’N’Go Distinguishing Characteristics

It’s hard to build a large portfolio of games, and it’s even harder to make it so that each game is unique in some way or another. But the provider Play’N’Go managed to achieve this, and for that it got a place of honor among the market leaders.
Provider games will delight you with both interesting mechanics during regular spins, and quite unusual bonus games, some of which have a “classic” mechanics of running, ie knocking out a certain number of sketters, and some are “accumulative,” that is, to run it is necessary to play a certain number of characters in one spin.
Also worth noting a considerable number of board games and bingo, which will appeal to fans of card games, as well as fans of the “collecting numbers.
And of course we should not forget about the graphic design of the slots, it is at a very high level, which together with the competent technical component gives the player an unforgettable experience and a sea of positive emotions.

Games By Play’N’Go Provider

The game developer rolls with the GMT principle when whipping up their slots, and let me tell ya, it’s like the secret sauce that cranks up the oomph factor in their games for all the slot junkies out there.

How does this wizardry work? Well, it’s all in the craft, my friends. Tuning each slot with precision and sprinkling in some kickass features – from mini-games to mystery prizes. It’s like putting hot fudge on your sundae!

Let’s dive into some of their hottest slots:

Book of Dead

This baby is a book-themed slot, sporting a 5×3 grid and 10 payout lines.

Hold on to your hats because the volatility is sky-high, with a max multiplier that could skyrocket up to x5000!

The base spins might not tickle your fancy, but the real kicker is in the bonus round. You gotta bag at least 3 scatters to unlock 10 free spins. It’s like busting open a pinata!

And this bonus round ain’t your average run-of-the-mill. You start with a random symbol, and if you score a few of these bad boys, they expand to take over the whole reel. Rack ‘em up on each reel and you’re in the money!

Love Joker

This one’s a medium-volatility slot with a 3×3 grid and a max multiplier that hits a grand, x1000.

Just like in most of their slots, the bonus round is where the magic happens. To kick things off, you need the Love Joker symbol, which only shows up on the second reel, like a VIP guest.

The bonus round dishes out two types of symbols – red and golden hearts, each playing its own game.

Red hearts fill up the total win bar, and five of these puppies set you up to climb the ladder. Snag at least one red heart and it’ll trigger a re-spin, keeping the good times rolling.

Golden hearts are like red bull for the win bar, doubling it up! And they also trigger re-spins.

To bag the max x1000 multiplier, you gotta collect 30 red hearts and 3 golden ones. It’s like hitting the motherlode!

Reactoonz 2

The much-awaited sequel to the fan-fave slot Reactoonz. This one’s amped up the max multiplier to x5083 – talk about going nuclear!

This slot’s got a cluster setup with a 7×7 grid, loaded with cool tricks up its sleeve like:

  • Fluctometer – At the beginning of each spin, a random symbol is chosen. If you hit it big with 11 of these, the game drops 1 to 3 wild symbols on the board!
  • Wild Pair Explosion – if there are two wilds chillin’ side by side on the board, they go ballistic and wipe out all other symbols, juicing up the Quantumeter. If the wilds aren’t neighbors, they blast the symbols in between and around them, and you guessed it, they’re still beefing up the Quantumeter.
  • Quantumeter – this bad boy zaps all the symbols except the wilds, and feeds the meter. The Quantumeter’s got four bars and can gobble up to 135 symbols. If the meter doesn’t hit the 3rd gear, it triggers the Energoon Wilds feature. But if you crank it up to level 3 or higher, buckle up for Gargantoon Wilds. This behemoth either goes 3×3 on level 3 or slaps on a x2 multiplier that doubles down on your wins.
  • Energoon Wilds – these wilds are tricked out with different sizes and multipliers depending on how juiced up the Quantumeter is.
  • Uncharged Wilds – these extra symbols morph into wilds if they’re hanging out next to a winning cluster or if the Wild Pair Kaboom goes off.

Providers with similar mechanics

Play’N’Go’s got a smorgasbord of games, so you can play a whole mishmash without leaving the provider. But if you’re scouting for other devs with a similar swagger, give a shout-out to Amatic, Novomatic, Push Gaming, and Elk Studios.

Pros And Cons Of Play’N’Go

Whipping up their own goodies, packed with a unique vibe and funky features, is one of Play’N’Go’s killer moves. All this, coupled with some slick optimization and juicy max multipliers, lets players have a blast, while keeping their eyes on the prize for some sweet payouts.


  • High-quality development of products
  • Great variety of games
  • Good adaptation of games for cell phones


  • No live games
  • Not the highest multipliers


A large variety of gaming products, as well as their quality development, together with bold and unconventional solutions have firmly secured the provider’s high place on the market. Licenses from the key regulators and product testing in various laboratories confirm the fairness of the game and exclude unpleasant bugs that can affect the game. Therefore, if you are not yet familiar with the provider’s games, we recommend you to get acquainted and try your luck.

Final score: 9,5/10


What does a Play’N’Go provider do?

The provider develops its own products for the gambling entertainment industry, and these include both slots and table games and even bingo.

Does the provider have a license?

Provider has a large number of licenses from major regulators such as UKGC, MGA, as well as a number of licenses from local regulators in Italy, Romania, Greece and many others.

How do players feel about provider games?

Players are extremely highly rated provider, this is evidenced by the fact that many of his slots consistently rank high in the user ratings.

Can I play company products from my cell phone?

You can, because Play’N’Go uses modern architecture HTML5, which implies a comfortable game, not only from your computer, but also from mobile devices.

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