Red Tiger Casino Games Provider

Red Tiger Casino Games Provider

Today we’re gonna dissect the Red Tiger provider, which has set up shop on the Isle of Man.

What sets them apart is a kick-ass team made up of the crème de la crème of industry vets. These heavy hitters have been slinging game and software development for the top dog casinos in Europe and Asia for ages.

Their dream team doesn’t just stop at game devs – it’s packed with math whizzes, graphic design gurus, sound wizards, and a whole bunch of gambling industry hotshots.

Thanks to this all-star lineup, Red Tiger has exploded onto the scene and quickly shot to fame among players. They’ve churned out over 200 killer products, including not just slots but also table games.

The Best Casinos With Red Tiger Provider

Red Tiger’s slot machines are everywhere, in every nook and cranny around the globe. So, you ain’t gonna break a sweat finding ‘em in any decent casino.

For your convenience, we’ve whipped up a list of the cream of the crop casinos where you can hit up Red Tiger’s goods:

Full Review Of Red Tiger Provider

Full Review Of Red Tiger Provider

Red Tiger got the ball rolling in 2014 on the Isle of Man. In a blink, they’ve cooked up a bunch of next-level slots with cutting-edge mechanics, buddied up with loads of partners, and even became part of the behemoth Evolution Gaming.

These guys ain’t shy of the limelight. They’re regulars at international expos and online awards, and they’ve snagged some bling in categories like Mobile Gaming Software Supplier at EGR 2020 and Casino Supplier of the Year at GIA 2019.

It’s also worth mentioning that Red Tiger’s got some nifty tools to keep players hooked – like the Daily Drop Jackpot Network and Smart Spins. These are daily jackpots and slick marketing promos that dish out stuff like an insane number of free spins in a minute or a free bonus game.

And, of course, everyone’s favorite – the tournaments where any Tom, Dick, or Harry can duke it out for the top spots and juicy prizes.

Provider history in dates

As we mentioned, Red Tiger Gaming was born in 2014 on the Isle of Man.

Fast forward to November 20, 2015, and they roll out their first slot, Jingle Bells. That very year, they get their badge of honor from the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission).

In 2016, Red Tiger got the thumbs up from the HMGG (Gibraltar), and in 2018 from MGA (Malta) and AGCC (Alderney).

Come June 2017, they’re poppin’ bottles as they win the Innovation in Slots Provision at the EGR B2B Awards 2017.

2019 was a biggie – NetEnt, another gaming titan, coughs up £220 million to make Red Tiger its own.

And in 2021, they joined forces with NetEnt to become part of the industry’s big kahuna, Evolution Gaming.

Provider Red Tiger these days

These days, Red Tiger is going full steam ahead under the Evolution Gaming umbrella. But despite the merger, they’ve kept their swag as a separate brand – ‘cause they’ve built a rock-solid rep and won over the players.

Lately, they’re going all-in on various marketing tools, ‘cause they know they gotta stand out in a jam-packed market. And what do players dig more than a killer game? Extra loot and free spins just for playing their fave games.

What Does Game Provider Red Tiger Offer?

What Does Game Provider Red Tiger Offer

To whip up a top-notch product, you’ve gotta tick off a bunch of tech boxes. Without these, you ain’t gonna craft a banger of a game that worms its way into players’ hearts. That’s why the game-maker Red Tiger goes all-in on biggies like software quality and bulletproof reliability, while also spicing things up with a smorgasbord of game mechanics and slot themes.

So, let’s pop the hood and get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes Red Tiger’s games tick.

Software quality

Software quality

Red Tiger’s slots are mainly built with HTML5 and a pinch of JavaScript. This is some cutting-edge wizardry that not only dishes out eye-popping graphics and sick game mechanics but also makes sure they’re slick on mobile devices.

Range of games

Range of games

Red Tiger’s all about giving a shout-out to players across the globe, so when they’re cooking up games, they factor in local flavors. They churn out products that resonate with punters from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo. We gotta mention their killer spread of themes too – from the good ol’ classics to Far East vibes like the Dragon’s series, and even the crypto crazes like the NFT Megaways slot.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

There’s no side-eyeing the reliability of their software, since the HTML5 setup means you’re playing on Red Tiger’s servers, and no shady characters are getting in there. Plus, their games are put through the wringer before hitting the streets, so they’ve pretty much nixed the glitches, making sure players get the red-carpet treatment.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

Like most big shot providers, Red Tiger’s slots are all geared up for mobile. They’re loaded with tailor-made interfaces for phones and tablets, so whether you’re playing landscape or portrait, you’re golden.

Лицензии провайдера

Provider Licenses

Red Tiger’s got the green light from the big league regulators, we’re talking:

  • UKGC (UK) – License No. 54571
  • MGA (Malta) – License No. MGA/CRP/480/2018
  • AGCC (Alderney)
  • HMGG (Gibraltar) – License No. Casino (B2B) RGL No. 111

Red Tiger Vendor Features

Red Tiger Vendor Features

Red Tiger’s lineup is stacked with variety. We’re talking not just different in-game shenanigans but a sweet mix of slot themes, too.

The provider’s got a killer arsenal of slots with both low and high volatility – and that means some juicy max multipliers that go north of 20,000x in some games. Let’s dive into the main features.

Basic mechanics



This bad boy’s from BTG, and it’s all about the reels getting a dynamic facelift. Instead of a static size, the reels change it up so different numbers of symbols can cram into one spin. This cranks up the number of win lines. You’ll see this in the Megaways series of slots.


Avalanche Feature

The classic “avalanche” mechanic. When you hit a winning combo, the symbols vamoose and fresh ones drop down from above. Check out Gonzo’s Quest Megaways for this.



This is some special bonus magic that gets triggered when you land at least one scatter on each reel. Then, instead of the whole grid spinning, you get an extra reel popping up on the right and one ditching out on the left. Catch this in the Get The Gold Infinireels slot.


Cash Safes

These are special symbols packing multipliers from 1x to 30x that spring to life when Heist Master shows up on the reels. Have a crack at this in the Vault Cracker slot.


Wheel Bonus

Land at least one special symbol, and you’re in for a bonus round where you can give the wheel a whirl. This baby’s got a max win of 5,000x your stake. Each symbol gives you a spin, and you can rake in up to 15 spins.

Maximum multipliers in slots

Red Tiger ain’t the king of the hill when it comes to max multipliers, but don’t scoff – they’re still pretty hefty and well within reach. We’ve lined up 5 games with the beefiest multipliers for ya.

GameMaximum multiplier
Gonzo’s Quest Megawaysx20000
Jingle Ways Megawaysx10500
NFT Megawaysx10500
Fruit Bloxx10000
Pirates Plenty Megawaysx10500

Buy bonus feature

Bummer alert! Red Tiger ain’t got slots where you can buy your way into a bonus game.

Red Tiger RTP

The average RTP (Return to Player) for Red Tiger’s games sits at a cool 95.4%. Not a wild swing from the average and it’s only a few percent here or there.

Keep your eyes peeled for the top 3 slots with the juiciest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Jackpot Quest96,30
Ocean Fortune96,30

As well as the 3 slots with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Ancient Script93,20
Laser Fruit95,07

Changing RTP

In some slots provider’s RTP selection function is available, so you should always be careful and look at the set value before you start playing.

Recall that if you play in a casino licensed by MGA, the minimum RTP is 92%.

Red Tiger Distinguishing Characteristics

It is worth noting that the provider relies on a variety of game mechanics, as well as a large variation of themes of slots. That is why players like colorful and interesting gameplay, which includes popular solutions from other providers, as well as their own developments.
Another plus for the company is a pleasant interface and a high level of adaptation of games for mobile devices, as well as the availability of a large number of languages and multicurrency.
Just in addition to slots in the arsenal of provider present and card games, as well as roulette, though very little. And of course do not forget about the fact that Red Tiger is a part of Evolution Gaming, together with NetEnt, so among his games can be found a collaboration with a popular series of provider NetEnt, such as Gonzo’s Quest Megayays.

Games By Red Tiger Provider

Games By Red Tiger Provider

This provider’s been gunning for top-notch creativity and technical chops right from the get-go. That’s why each of their games has a whole posse of peeps, from number crunchers to sound wizards, putting their blood, sweat, and tears into it.

What we get is a killer lineup of swanky slots, jam-packed with crazy mechanics and looking sharp as a tack.

Let’s take a gander at some of the hottest games this provider’s got cooking.

Last Chance Saloon

Get ready for a wild ride with this Wild West-themed slot, where you can rack up a max multiplier of 5,000x your bet.

During the regular spins, it’s raining features like:

  • Monet Feature – Special wilds shaped like coins, packing multipliers up to 50x. These bad boys kick in when they’re part of a winning combo, giving your line win some extra oomph.
  • Second Chance – If the coins roll in without scoring a multiplier, you might trigger a re-spin of the coin and snag that multiplier after all.
  • Bullet-spins – The bonus round, triggered when you land scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5. You’ll bag 6 to 8 free spins where coins are always hitting the middle reel, and their multipliers get added to the pot, juicing up all the line wins.
  • Double or Nothing – Once the free spins are over, you can take your winnings and run or roll the dice to double up.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways

Straight from the popular Gonzo’s Quest line by NetEnt, this slot’s got a mind-blowing max win of over 20,000x your stake.

It’s got a double whammy of famous mechanics, Megaways and Avalanche.

And the Avalanche isn’t just for show – it’s got a multiplier that keeps cranking up after each spin and can hit 5x.

But wait, there’s more. Check out these features:

  • Earthquake – This one’s a random treat. It can trigger during any spin, shaking things up by ditching all the low-paying symbols and replacing them with the big guns.
  • Unbreakable Wilds – These special wilds ain’t going anywhere after a line win. You can have up to 2 on the screen, and they can swap in for Free Fall symbols.
  • Free Fall – Land 3 or more of these special scatters (including wilds), and you’re in for free spins. Each scatter tosses 3 spins into the mix. (During the bonus game, the Avalanche multiplier starts at 3x and can rocket up to 15x).

Pirates Plenty Megaways

Here’s another Megaways slot, but this time we’re setting sail with some scallywag pirates and gunning for a max multiplier north of 10,000x.

This bad boy’s got its own version of the Avalanche mechanic, where winning symbols walk the plank and fresh ones take their place.

Check out these nifty tricks it’s got up its sleeve:

  • Wild Monkey – A wild symbol that’s a total Swiss Army knife. When this cheeky monkey drops in, it sends all the low-paying symbols overboard and turns sticky, hanging around till the end of the spin.
  • Wild Ways – As you’re spinning the reels, you’ll be scooping up maps. Rack up 50 of these bad boys and you’ll unlock a special feature that reveals an extra reel up top, where Lady Anna can make an appearance.
  • Wild Lady Anna – She’s an expanding wild symbol with a random multiplier ranging from 3x to 8x. She’ll stick around on the reels until she scores you some booty.

To get the bonus game going, you’ll need to reel in at least 3 scatters. When the game kicks off, each scatter tosses an extra 3 spins your way, for a max of 18 free spins.

During the bonus round, there’s an overall multiplier making it rain on each line win, cranking up to a whopping 30x.

Providers with similar mechanics

Since this provider’s flying under the Evolution Gaming flag, you might wanna check out NetEnt for slots that’ll rock your world in the same way. Also, don’t sleep on Pragmatic Play and Relax Gaming.

Pros And Cons Of Red Tiger

One of the big wins for Red Tiger is their solid lineup of slots, where you’ll find all sorts of themes packing some seriously wicked mechanics. Another plus is the smorgasbord of languages and currencies, so you can get your game on from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo with no sweat.


  • High thematic diversity of products
  • Key licenses
  • Support for a wide variety of currencies and languages
  • Frequent tournaments and enjoyable daily jackpots


  • Few table games and no live games
  • Not the highest maximum multipliers in the industry


The provider is well established and has an excellent reputation. This is confirmed by the fact that at one time it was bought by another major player in the industry, namely NetEnt, and then became part of Evolution Gaming, while maintaining itself as a separate brand. In addition to a wide variety of games, the provider appreciates its players, so it regularly holds various tournaments and pays large jackpots. And of course, we should not forget about the excellent optimization of products for mobile devices, which will please players who like to spin slots lying on the couch.

Final score: 8,2/10


Why do players love Red Tiger?

Players, first of all, like the provider for interesting and beautiful slots filled with different mechanics. Also, don’t forget about the marketing promotions, which include various tournaments and large jackpots.

Does the provider have a license?

There are, at the moment provider has a number of important licenses from regulators such as MGA, UKGC, HMGC, AGCC, which allows it to work almost all over the world.

Who owns the Red Tiger provider?

Provider, together with NetEnt, is part of the largest holding Evolution Gaming.

Are the provider’s slots adapted for mobile devices?

Provider games are well adapted for mobile devices of all resolutions, so you can play comfortably from both your computer and cell phone.

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