Quickspin Casino Games Provider

Quickspin Casino Games Provider

This time we’re gonna dissect the Swedish hotshot, Quickspin, who’s known for its eye-popping slots.

The visuals on these babies are second to none, and they’ve set the bar high in the industry. That’s thanks to Quickspin’s dope approach to slot design which puts player’s kicks and coziness first. We can’t skip over the slick and decked-out interface they rock in their games. Paired with funky mechanics and sky-high potential payouts – over 40,000x your bet – they’ve made Quickspin a big shot in the gaming biz.

The Best Casinos With Quickspin Provider

Since Quickspin’s been killin’ it for quite some time and pumped out a heap of titles, you won’t have a hard time finding their games in any swanky casino. So, Quickspin slots are a dime a dozen in the cream of the crop casinos worldwide.

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Full Review Of Quickspin Provider

Full Review Of Quickspin Provider

Quickspin kicked off back in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden.

In a decade and change, they’ve churned out about 100 slots, bagged a slew of primo licenses, and got a thumbs-up not just from gamers, but also from heavyweight partners.

One such partner is the mammoth poker room, PokerStars. And, in 2016, Quickspin got snatched up by the titan, Playtech.

Quickspin’s no stranger to expos and conferences, raking in swanky awards for their wares. For instance, in 2021, they snagged the “Company of the Year” award at the WIG Diversity Awards, and strutted their stuff at iGaming NEXT.

Also worth a shout-out is that Quickspin’s big on throwing down in-house tournaments, like the Quickspin Festival Network, with prize pots north of 50,000 euros.

Provider history in dates

As we said, Quickspin came onto the scene in 2011.

A year later, they scored their first license from AGCC (Alderney), and a couple years after that from UKGC (United Kingdom).

On June 26, 2012, they dropped their first slot, Big Bad Wolf. Fast forward to 2016, and Playtech swooped in for the buyout.

In 2018, Quickspin snagged a license from MGA (Malta), and busted into the Italian market that same year, teaming up with PokerStars.

In 2019, Quickspin nabbed a license from the Swedish regulator and made a splash in the local market.

In 2020, they kicked Flash to the curb and went all-in with cutting-edge HTML5.

Provider Quickspin these days

Nowadays, Quickspin’s still hustling, cranking out games on the HTML5 platform – the cream of the crop that guarantees not just a flashy, buttery-smooth gaming experience but also top-notch adaptation for mobile gadgets.

Even though they’re part of the Playtech fam, Quickspin’s kept its swagger and continues to roll out titles under its own banner. Their games have a distinctive flair and are on the tip of every gamer’s tongue.

What Does Game Provider Quickspin Offer?

What Does Game Provider Quickspin Offer

Quickspin ain’t packin’ a massive arsenal of slots, but they’re rockin’ the “quality over quantity” vibe. That means you’re in for slick tech under the hood and eye-poppin’ visuals and sounds that’ll knock your socks off. Plus, they got a smorgasbord of themes and they’re all pimped out for your mobile device. Let’s get down and dirty with the deets.

Software quality

Software quality

Quickspin’s slots are built on HTML5, which is why they’re buttery smooth even on mobiles, with kickass graphics and a whole toy box of gaming mechanics. Remember Flash? Well, Quickspin had some oldies on that, but they kicked it to the curb ‘cause it’s as outdated as a flip phone.

Range of games

Range of games

Quickspin’s got slots for days. They got everything from Egyptian swag like the Golden Glyph series to Asian dazzle like Sakura Fortune and Wild Chase: Tokyo Go. It’s like a freakin’ world tour!

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

Their slots are tighter than a drum thanks to some serious nitpicking and testing, so glitches and freezes are rarer than hen’s teeth.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

We talked HTML5, right? So, these bad boys are mobile-friendly, meaning you can get your game on from your phone or tablet.

Лицензии провайдера

Provider Licenses

These guys ain’t playing around, they got licenses to boot:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), license number MGA/CRP/137/2007
  • UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), license number 38516
  • Plus a heap of local licenses from Italy, Sweden, and more!

Quickspin Vendor Features

Quickspin Vendor Features

Now, let’s rap about the game mechanics. These slots are jam-packed with features and some sweet multipliers. Plus, some let you buy into bonus games, so you can rake in the big bucks without trying to hit a scatter. Let’s get the scoop on some of the game features:

Основные механики


Princess Wild Symbol

Think “Size Matters” with a 4×1 wild symbol taking up a whole reel. You’ll find this in Sakura Fortune.


Tumbling Reels

It’s like a slot avalanche, man. Winning symbols vanish, and new ones drop from the sky to take their place. Check it out in most Megaways slots like Big Bad Wolfs Megaways.


Second Chance

Land two scatters, and it’s like the slot gets a spring cleaning, giving you a free respin with three extra slots. Cash Truck’s got this.


Baba Yaga Surprise

When Baba Yaga pops up, she’s got two tricks up her sleeve: either turning 4 symbols into matchy-matchy types or making ‘em 1-3 scatters. It’s in Ivan and the Immortal King.


Power Glyph

This bad boy shows up after you win with clusters, and if it’s in the winning combo, it unlocks one of seven features. Find it in Golden Glyph 2.

Maximum multipliers in slots

Quickspin’s got some slots with multipliers that are through the roof. Here are 5 that are making it rain:

GameMaximum multiplier
Wild Luchadorx40557
Book of Duatx32760
Tigers Glory Ultrax32464
Wild Harlequinx30000
Golden Glyph 2x29500

Buy bonus feature

Provider has a positive attitude towards bonus game purchase in its slots, so we have compiled a list of the 5 most popular games in which bonus purchase is possible.

  • Cash Truck – 2 bonuses are available with a value of x90 and x360 of the bet
  • Golden Glyph 2 – 3 types of bonus games with a value of x50, x150 and x275 of the bet
  • Book of Duat – 3 types of bonus game, with a value of x150, x500 and x1600 of the bet
  • Big Bad Wolf Megaways – bonus game available for x90 of bet
  • Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades – the bonus game is available for x40 of the bet

Quickspin RTP

The developer’s average RTP is quite high, at 96.75%.

We would like to present 3 slots with the highest RTP.

GameRTP, %
Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special97,34
Big Bad Wolf97,34

As well as the 3 slots with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Hammer of Vulcan95,81
Sticky Bandits 395,82
Wild Luchador96,00

And it is worth noting the RTP in the bonus games:

GameRTP, %
Dinosaur Rage96,91
Hammer of Vulcan96,63
Golden Glyph 296,60

Changing RTP

In some of the slots provider’s available RTP change feature, so you should always check the RTP level in your casino games.

In the case of Quickspin, the provider presents several levels: 90%, 92%, 94% и 96%.

Quickspin Distinguishing Characteristics

Provider is remarkable for several things, the first of them is the excellent quality of graphics and sound accompaniment, which together with a pleasant interface immediately catches the eye and leaves a pleasant impression. The second is a wide thematic and technical diversity. The developer can find slots on almost any popular topics, which presents a number of well-known mechanics, as well as their own developments. And of course do not forget about the high level of RTP in conjunction with a good maximum multipliers, players are important not only a pretty picture, but also the high potential winnings.
It is also worth noting the variability in the bonus games, the mechanics of which depend on the number of dropped out sketters. A nice addition is the ability to buy several types of bonus games at once.

Games By Quickspin Provider

Games By Quickspin Provider

The provider’s hittin’ the grind, pumpin’ out at least one game a month, while giving it the ol’ spit and polish and makin’ sure to tickle the fancy of players across the globe. After all, cloning popular slots is easy peasy, but it ain’t gonna earn you street cred. That’s why the provider decided to get those creative juices flowin’ and focus on crankin’ out top-notch graphics and sounds, as well as a smorgasbord of game mechanics.

Now let’s sink our teeth into some of the cream-of-the-crop games.

Big Bad Wolf Megaways

This wicked slot with the Megaways mechanic gives a shoutout to the characters from the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales.

Aside from the Megaways and Tumbling Reels (Avalanche) mechanics, the slot’s got some nifty in-house tricks up its sleeve, like:

Piggy Wild – you bag two wins and it fills up a special symbol counter (one of the three little piggies). Each pig turns wild when its counter is full, reeling in extra loot. If you hit six wins in a row, all the pigs go hog wild!

Snag three scatters (moons), and you’re in for a bonus round with 11 spins.

During the bonus round, you start off with a x1 multiplier that gets slapped on each win and increases by 1 with every winning combo.

Also, there are two counters with three divisions, and each moon you snag fills one division. Fill up the first counter, and you get +5 to the multiplier and 3 free spins. Fill the second, and you’re lookin’ at +10 to the multiplier and 3 spins, and every moon after that hands you an extra spin. You can also splash the cash and buy the bonus game for 90x your bet.

Cash Truck

Fancy a heist? Take a stab at knockin’ over a truck stuffed with greenbacks and swipe a massive multiplier, up to 25,000x your bet!

This bad boy flaunts the popular Tumbling Reels mechanic, which makes winning symbols go poof and replaces them with new ones.

Also, there’s the Second Chance mechanic which kicks in when you land two scatters, and clears the deck while tossing in three more spaces.

Land three or more scatters, and you’re throwin’ down in the bonus game, packed with special symbols:

  • Expander – flips the lid on three random spaces.
  • Booster – adds its value to all the other symbols that show up.
  • Super Booster – adds its value to all open symbols, and keeps doing it every round.
  • Grabber – pulls all the symbol values into itself and adds ‘em to the total win.
  • Supper Grabber – same as Grabber, but does it every round.
  • Doubler – doubles its own value every time the counter hits three.

You can also cough up some dough to buy the bonus game. 90x your bet gets you the standard bonus game, while going all-in with 360x gets you the bonus game with a guaranteed Doubler symbol.

Sticky Bandits 3 Most Wanted

This Wild West-themed slot promises a whopping multiplier north of 22,000x your stake.

The base spins in this slot ain’t nothin’ to write home about – the magic happens in the bonus game, which you kick off by bagging at least three scatters.

During the bonus game, all your wins get a x2 boost, and all bandit symbols morph into sticky wilds, holing up in their spot for the duration of the spins. Land a wild on each reel, and you’re in for five extra spins. If you’re feeling flush, you can pony up 60x your bet and buy the bonus game.

Providers with similar mechanics

Some of the developer’s slots may remind you of offerings from other big shots in the biz, like Relax Gaming and Play’N’Go.

Also, if you’re all over Quickspin’s games, then you might wanna give Yggdrasil and Net Gaming a whirl.

Pros And Cons Of Quickspin

The dizzying variety of themes makes sure players are never left twiddling their thumbs.

Couple the quirky mechanics in the base and bonus games with a sky-high win potential, and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable thrill ride.

But no rose is without its thorns. So, to give you the whole picture, we’d like to lay out the ups and downs of the provider for you.


  • Good maximum multipliers
  • Key licenses
  • Excellent adaptation of products for mobile devices
  • Frequent tournaments with high prize pools


  • Lack of other types of games besides slots
  • Relatively small game library


In 10 years of active development, the provider has managed to prove itself in the market. This has been made possible by a talented team that prioritizes and cares about players’ comfort. Beautiful graphics and high multipliers are exactly why players love the Quickspin provider. Wide theming and support for multiple languages allows the developer to count on a large market share, impressing players from all over the world. And additional marketing tools encourage players to spend their time with this particular provider.

Final score: 7/10


What products does Quickspin offer?

Provider focused on the development of video slots, so other products in its portfolio is not provided.

Does the provider have a license?

The provider holds several important licenses, such as the MGA and UKGC.

What does the provider focus on in his slots?

Provider focuses on beautiful graphics and nice sound, as well as a good maximum multipliers exceeding x40000.

Can I play ISP products from my phone?

You can, because the provider has abandoned the outdated Flash, and develops games in HTML5, which implies a high level of adaptation for cell phones and tablets.

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