Everything About Riobet Affiliate Program

Everything About Riobet Affiliate Program

Today, we shall delve into the affiliate program of Riobet Affiliates, associated with the eponymous Riobet Casino. This program boasts a myriad of payment formats, and an elevated Rev Share rate (up to 70%) for cryptocurrency deposits. We have encapsulated the primary features in a comprehensive table.

Affiliate ProgramRiobet Affilates
Commission ModelsRevenue Share
DealsUp To 60% of Net Revenue
LicenseCuracao (No. 8048/JAZ)
Payment MethodsCards, Payeer, Neteller, Webmoney, Cryptocurrency, Qiwi, Piastrix, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money

About Riobet Affiliates Program

The Riobet Affiliates initiative primarily targets webmasters with their own websites. Within this program, one can access several esteemed payment models such as Rev Share, CPA, and a Hybrid model. Initially, all new affiliates enjoy a fixed Revenue Share of 60% for several months. Subsequently, this rate ranges between 40% and 60%, contingent upon the number of referred users (their initial deposits). Additionally, a special offer exists for cryptocurrency deposits, for which a fixed payout of 70% Rev Share is extended.

Regarding traffic, Riobet Affiliates welcomes it from nearly all global corners. Their primary focus lies on CIS countries and select European nations. However, there exists a list of countries from which Riobet Casino does not entertain players, namely Spain, Italy, the United States, Turkey, Israel, Singapore, France, and the United Kingdom.

Worth noting is that Riobet Affiliates also accepts branded traffic but remunerates it at a fixed Rev Share rate of 30%. By default, affiliates operate under the Revenue Share payment model; however, bespoke terms for CPA or Hybrid models can be negotiated with a personal manager.

91 /100
Riobet Casino
Welcome $1000
Withdrawal 0 - 24 hours
Dep. methods

Bonus details

Deposit – $10 – $1000
Match % – 100%
Max Payout – x5 bonus
Sticky – No
Free Spins – No
Wagering – 35x bonus within 7 days. Max bet $5

United States

Accepted players from
United States

  • Impressive game collection
  • No deposit and deposit bonus on registration
  • VIP club
  • Live dealer games
  • Easy sign up process
  • Subpar collection of payment methods
  • Low cashout limits for new players

Software Capabilities of the Affiliate Program

Riobet Affiliates ardently supports its partners by furnishing premium promotional materials. This includes ready-to-use texts in diverse languages, links, banners, and dedicated landing pages. Each link can be adorned with a unique dynamic ID, facilitating the tracking of various marketing endeavors.

Another commendable feature is the extensive statistics panel. Within this domain, one can autonomously monitor the volume of clicks, registrations, and deposits. Furthermore, the actions of the referred user can be scrutinized, as can their balance in relation to the casino.

Promotional Materials

Each variety of promotional materials is accessible within a designated tab. Navigate to this section and select the desired promotional content. Upon its creation, it is imperative to integrate it onto your platform, assigning a unique ID within the affiliate system. This methodology enables you to monitor campaign outcomes via your affiliate profile. Should the need arise, liaising with a personal manager to commission bespoke promotional content is feasible.


Within the Riobet Affiliates domain, a comprehensive statistical dashboard is at your disposal. Herein, you can glean insights pertaining to each advertising campaign or fashioned promotional material. Moreover, it facilitates the generation of specialized reports based on the following criteria:

  • Player Activity: A record of registrations, initial deposits, and active players over a selected timeframe.
  • Promotional Content: This section allows for a granular evaluation of each advertising campaign.
  • Revenue: Segmented breakdowns across varied payment methodologies (Rev Share, CPA, Hybrid).
  • Products: The casino’s net revenue over a stipulated period.

How Riobet Affiliates Operates

Prior to onboarding with the affiliate program, it’s prudent to acquaint oneself with the collaboration guidelines. Given that even seasoned affiliates might encounter regulations divergent from their usual experiences, this preemptive measure ensures the evasion of unforeseen impediments. For your convenience, we have curated primary regulations into a discrete section, supplemented by an examination of collaborative tariff plans. Additionally, we elucidate the conditions requisite for incorporating diverse payment methods.

Collaboration Terms

  • Link Placement: By default, promotional content can solely be hosted on your personal website. Hosting on alternative sites mandates prior endorsement from the affiliate program, substantiated with written permission.
  • Restricted Countries: As previously underscored, Riobet Casino abstains from traffic originating from Spain, Italy, the United States, Turkey, Israel, Singapore, France, and the United Kingdom. Consequently, this is paramount if your traffic source encompasses clientele from these nations.
  • Branded Traffic: Attracting such traffic isn’t proscribed within Riobet Affiliates; however, it’s salient to note that it garners a fixed Rev Share of 30%.
  • Additional Player Incentives: Engaging in this practice without preemptive accord within the affiliate program is prohibited.

Collaborative Models

As previously highlighted, the Riobet Affiliates program proffers three cardinal models of collaboration:

  • Revenue Share (Rev Share) – A disbursement calculated as a percentage of the casino’s net gaming revenue (NGR).
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) – A predetermined remuneration for each player’s initial deposit.
  • Hybrid – An amalgamation of the Rev Share and CPA modalities.

It’s salient to observe that Rev Share integrates a so-called “tiered” system, wherein the payout percentage is contingent upon the volume of initial deposits within a reporting period. We have curated a lucid chart for your convenience.

Initial DepositsRev Share Percentage
0 – 540%
6 – 1045%
11 – 2550%

Remuneration through the CPA model is accessible to vetted partners demonstrating high-caliber traffic. The exact sum is modulated by the region of acquisition and is brokered individually with every affiliate. For Tier-1 nations, the pinnacle payout ranges between $250 – $300 per inaugural deposit. The Hybrid model melds a stipulated disbursement for the primary deposit with a specified percentage from the casino’s ensuing profits.

Guide to Becoming a Participant of Riobet Affiliates

To partake in the Riobet affiliate program, one must undergo a straightforward registration, subsequently awaiting confirmation of one’s status. During the validation phase, the security department will assess your site’s alignment with stipulations, subsequently dispatching an affirmation to your email.

Registering with Riobet Affiliates

The registration trajectory is fairly elementary and encompasses the subsequent phases:

  1. Click the “register” button and input your username.
  2. Conceive a robust password and reiterate it.
  3. Insert your website’s URL and email address.
  4. Select your domicile country and input the Captcha.

Subsequently, it’s requisite to navigate to your mailbox and validate your email address. Furthermore, a series of queries await your response, including:

  1. Is your platform dedicated to the realm of gambling or sports betting?
  2. What’s your projected tally of registrations and depositing players within the nascent months of our alliance?

Responses to these inquiries can be channeled to the support service at: support@rioaffiliates.com.

Traffic Sources for Riobet Affiliates

Primarily, Riobet Affiliates identifies websites, blogs, channels, online communities, and forums on social platforms as its quintessential traffic sources. Notably, these conduits must adhere to certain stipulations:

  • The platform must be replete with substantive content.
  • Ownership of the resource must be directly vested in you, accompanied by a discernible volume of traffic.

Acquisition of Affiliate Link & Commencement

Upon the fruition of successful registration and profile verification, you may procure your inaugural affiliate link. To do so, delve into the promotional materials segment and select the pertinent promotional asset (be it a link, banner, etc.). Ideally, annex a unique ID to it, enabling you to monitor the performance of each link assiduously.

Affiliate Remunerations

As previously underscored, you may solicit withdrawals through various payment gateways, including Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Qiwi, VISA, and also to a cryptocurrency wallet. The minimum withdrawal threshold stands at €10.

Your revenue is diligently computed at the outset of every month. Subsequently, within a fortnight, funds are disbursed via your designated payment method. Moreover, to qualify for a withdrawal, you must have ushered in a minimum of three players who have made their maiden deposit.

Negative Balance Phenomenon

A negative balance materializes when a fortuitous player garners more wins than losses. Consequently, the casino doesn’t glean revenue from them. A silver lining to this scenario is the non-transference of negative balances to the succeeding month, ensuring that exceptionally fortunate players don’t adversely impact your long-term metrics.

Why Opt for Riobet Affiliates?

Riobet Affiliates stands as the official partnership program of the esteemed Riobet Casino. Such affiliations are a commendable stratagem for illustrious establishments since it truncates the plethora of commissions typically exacted by intermediary agencies. The presence of a recognizable and stalwart brand acts as a substantial feather in its cap. We’ve meticulously curated a list delineating the paramount advantages and disadvantages of aligning with Riobet Affiliates.


  • Absence of negative balance carryover
  • Generous foundational and pinnacle Rev Share
  • Assortment of payment models at your disposal
  • Acclaims brand-specific traffic


  • Not transparent commission system
  • The presence of a tiered system in Revenue Share
  • Solely one casino available


In summation, the Riobet Affiliates program emerges as a meritorious choice for a plethora of webmasters. It bestows an avenue to adeptly monetize traffic, setting forth remarkably amicable prerequisites for its associates. From inception, you are graced with an appealing Revenue Share tier, punctual disbursements, comprehensive promotional assets, and an elevated echelon of support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment structures are operational within Riobet Affiliates?

Analogous to most eminent affiliate networks, they offer Rev Share, CPA, and Hybrid modalities.

What are the extant Revenue Share rates within Riobet Affiliates?

The inaugural rate stands at 40%, peaking at 70% for cryptocurrency deposits. Brand-centric traffic adheres to a set rate of 30%.

How periodically does Riobet Affiliates process withdrawals?

Funds are dispensed once monthly, at the month’s dawn.

Which primary regions does Riobet Affiliates cater to?

Predominantly, they serve the CIS nations and Europe.

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