Thunderkick Casino Games Provider

Thunderkick Casino Games Provider

Today, we’re gonna break down the Swedish slot powerhouse Thunderkick. These guys built their kingdom on two golden rules: making the reels hella fun and staying fiercely independent. And boy, did they hit the jackpot! Thunderkick’s games are the bee’s knees – bursting with color and packed with killer ideas. This trailblazing approach shot them from a scrappy start-up to a big-time player with over 60 peeps on the squad.

The Best Casinos With Thunderkick Provider

Thunderkick’s slot machines have been the talk of the town for a while now, and they’re still hot as ever. That’s why the bigwig casinos always have Thunderkick locked and loaded in their arsenal, and you bet they’re quick on the draw when the new stuff hits the street.

Let’s not forget, Thunderkick’s got licenses for days and is available in a bunch of countries, so you won’t have to bust your hump to find them at any solid casino.

We’ve whipped up a list of the creme de la creme casinos where you can roll with Thunderkick:

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Full Review Of Thunderkick Provider

Full Review Of Thunderkick Provider

Thunderkick kicked things off in Stockholm, Sweden back in 2012.

In just 10 years, these guys beefed up their roster, got in bed with a ton of partners, and cranked out more than 50 games. Some of these bad boys not only won the hearts of players but also snagged some bling at international gaming expos.

And how’d they do it? They’ve got a team of whiz kids who don’t just focus on eye candy and sick beats. They’re all about those juicy mechanics and fat stacks – with wins that can rocket up to 26,426 times your bet!

Also, word to the wise, Thunderkick’s got something for everyone – from low volatility slots that are perfect for grinding out bonuses, to high-volatility beasts for those who live for that big score.

Provider history in dates

As we spilled the beans earlier, Thunderkick’s journey kicked off in 2012 in the heart of Stockholm. A few brave souls decided to throw down the gauntlet and take on the big dogs. They played by their own rules and didn’t let the industry bigwigs call the shots.

Fast forward a year, and they bagged their first license from Malta (MGA), followed by a thumbs-up from the UK Gambling Commission.

On April 21, 2014, they dropped their first slot, Toki Time, and just four months later Fruit Warp hit the scene with a max multiplier that was through the roof at the time – 11,000x!

While they were churning out slots, Thunderkick wasn’t shy about strutting their stuff at expos like ICE Totally Gaming in 2017. They also went international, scoring licenses to rock out in the Czech Republic (2019), Alderney, and Lithuania.

By January 2020, they got the green light from the Romanian regulators, and by May 2021, the Dutch were on board too.

Provider Thunderkick these days

These days, Thunderkick is staying true to their roots, cranking out vibrant, rip-roaring slots chock-full of nifty mechanics and huge payouts.

They’re also buddying up with top-tier online casinos and media outlets. As of now, they’ve got over 30 partners in their posse and are always on the lookout to make new connections in the biz.

What Does Game Provider Thunderkick Offer?

What Does Game Provider Thunderkick Offer

Thunderkick, the slot game maestro, has got more than 50 slots on tap with themes that are all over the map.

You gotta give props to the crazy variety of game mechanics in both the main game and the bonus rounds. Plus, they’ve got slots with volatility ranging from low to sky-high. Couple that with juicy max multipliers and you’ve got a rollercoaster ride for every kind of slot jockey.

Let’s put the pedal to the metal and dive into some of the nitty-gritty tech stuff.

Software quality

Software quality

Their software is top-shelf. Like most of the big dogs out there, Thunderkick’s slots are running on HTML5, which is the latest and greatest. This means silky-smooth gameplay and no freeze-ups when you’re in the zone. Visually, these slots are slick as a whistle, since Thunderkick is all about the eye candy and sweet soundtracks that amp up the gameplay and let you get lost in the spin.

Range of games

Range of games

The theme spread is as wide as the Grand Canyon. Take the helm in Big Fin Bay, set sail on an epic voyage in Riders on The Storm, or go toe-to-toe with mythological monsters in the Beat The Beast series. Get down at the Mardi Gras in Carnival Queen, or grab the Midas touch in Midas Golden Touch.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

Their software is Fort Knox – safe from hackers or any funny business. Thanks to HTML5, all the action goes down on Thunderkick’s servers, and no one can mess with the mojo or fiddle with the outcome. Their random number generator has the stamp of approval from the regulators, so you know it’s legit and rock solid.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

One tiny snag – Thunderkick is all-in on the desktop scene, so there’s no special treatment for mobile devices. But don’t get it twisted, you can still spin the reels on your phone or tablet. Just know that the interface on mobile is a carbon copy of the desktop version, which might not be all that on older gadgets.

Лицензии провайдера

Provider Licenses

Thunderkick’s got licenses coming out the wazoo from all sorts of regulators. Here’s a taste:

  • A UK license, stamped and approved by the Gambling Commission, under license numbers 40165 and 41752.
  • A Romanian license, greenlit by ONJN under license number Nr.1715/27.08.20.
  • A Malta license, sealed by the MGA under license number MGA/B2B/248/2013.

Thunderkick Vendor Features

Thunderkick Vendor Features

As mentioned, Thunderkick is all about a rollicking good time and bringing fresh spins to the game. So, you’re gonna find some nifty new tricks alongside the tried-and-true mechanics that everyone’s diggin’.

Players are always jonesing for the deets on the technical stuff – namely the average RTP, max multipliers in the slots, and their volatility.

There’s a buffet of bonuses and sometimes you can even snag ’em with a purchase. Let’s break down each of these sweet deals.

Basic mechanics


Multiplier Wilds

It’s a special wild symbol with a base 2x multiplier. Land more than one of these bad boys in a payline and the multipliers stack up!


Mystery Scatter Symbol

During regular spins, 1 to 5 extra scatters can pop up, cranking your odds of hitting the bonus round. Scope out this mechanic in the Pink Elephants 2 slot.


Charged Wild Symbol

This is where a special wild can drop in the base game, pumping up the multiplier of the reel it lands on and blowing up symbols around it. Each blasted symbol fills up the bonus game meter. Rack up 30 and you’ll kick off the “Wild Frenzy”. Bag 55 and you’re rockin’ 8 free spins. Jam out to this in the Gods of Rock slot!


Expanding Wilds

If a wild helps score a win, it goes all Hulk and takes over the whole reel (check this out in Big Fin Bay).


The Massive Mystery Symbol

It’s a whopper of a symbol, 3×3 in size, and it can appear on reels 2-4. When it lands, it morphs into a random symbol (except for the scatter). In the bonus game, each spin rocks The Massive Mystery Symbol. Catch this trick in the Baron Bloodmore slot.

Maximum multipliers in slots

As we’ve been yapping about, these slots have got volatility from chill to off-the-charts, and the max multipliers are just as varied.

We’ve cooked up a list of 5 slots with the gnarliest multipliers:

  • Riders on The Storm – Max out at a whopping 26,426x
  • Baron Bloodmore – Rake in up to 25,000x your bet
  • Carnival Queen – Max multiplier is a jaw-dropping 22,700x your bet
  • Beat the Beast Griffin’s Gold – Up to 22,222x your stake
  • Gods of Rock – Shred up to 20,000x your bet

Buy bonus feature

Bummer alert: Thunderkick’s slots don’t let you buy into the bonus game. But some slots have a mechanic that throws extra scatter symbols into the mix, making it easier to bag that bonus.

Thunderkick RTP

Thunderkick’s average RTP is sittin’ pretty at 96.47%. But check this, there’s one slot that’s struttin’ around with an RTP that’s through the roof compared to the average Joe. That’s 1429 Uncharted Seas with a bonkers 98.6% RTP!

We’ve also cherry-picked 3 slots with the highest RTP for ya:

GameRTP, %
1429 Uncharted Seas98,60
Børk the Berzerker Hack ‘N’ Slash Edition97,30
Toki Time97,10

And also with the lowest RTP:

GameRTP, %
Jin Chan’s Pond of Riches94,27
Sword of Khans95,36

Thunderkick Distinguishing Characteristics

The distinctive features of the provider are a large variety of in-game mechanics, high quality visual and sound design, high RTP and good maximum multipliers.
Also different volatility in the slots allows players to find a game to their liking, because someone likes to play all-in, and someone methodically spins hundreds of spins.
It’s worth adding something about the mechanics of bonus games, which is very diverse and varies from slot to slot. Provider has both slots with “progressive” bonus game, where you need to collect certain symbols to go to the next level, and “classic”, where immediately from the first spin you can catch a high win.

Games By Thunderkick Provider

Games By Thunderkick Provider

As we said before, this game provider has gone all-in on crafting rip-roaring games and flexing their creative muscles, instead of just toeing the line with the same ol’ stuff the bigwigs keep peddling. And man, it shows! They’ve got a roster of over 50 slots, and no two are alike – well, except for the ones in the same series, but that’s a given.

Now, let’s dive into the deets of a few crowd-pleasers.

Midas Golden Touch

Get your mitts on Midas’ loot and you could hit the motherlode with a max multiplier of x10,100 your bet!

This classic slot machine is a 3×5 reel with 15 paylines to line your pockets.

In the base game, you’ve got this dope wild symbol called Multiplier Wilds, which can multiply your winnings by x2 to x36 depending on the number of wilds you score.

The bonus round kicks in when you nab at least 3 scatters.

During the bonus game, any symbols that make a combo get sticky and trigger a re-spin. Scatters won’t get sticky but stick around till the end of the spin. If you hit 3 scatters in one go, including the re-spin, you unlock extra spins.

Pink Elephants 2

Take a safari in the savannah with wild critters and bag a max multiplier of x10,000 your bet.

This bad boy boasts a 4×6 grid and a whopping 4,096 ways to win.

In the base game, you have a Mystery Scatter Symbol feature, where each spin can bring you 1 to 5 extra scatters.

The bonus game is next level with a progressive feature. Catch at least 3 scatters to get it rolling. Every elephant symbol you hit cranks up the meter for the current level. Fill the meter and you get +1 spin, plus the animal symbol for that level gets upgraded to something with more clout.

Big Fin Bay

Set sail as a fisherman and reel in a max multiplier of x15,040 your bet.

This one’s got some sick mechanics in the base game:

  • Mystery Wilds – each spin could hook you up with up to 3 extra wilds.
  • Expanding Wilds – if a wild can make a combo, it’ll take over the entire reel.
  • Reel Height – each spin changes the size of the reels, which can range from 2 to 7 symbols.

To launch the bonus round, you need to land at least 3 scatters. During this round, the reels are locked at a certain height, but if a wild lands on it, the reel expands. When it maxes out, you score 3 extra spins for each expanded reel.

Providers with similar mechanics

Thunderkick’s got a smorgasbord of slots, but if you’re itching to try something new, we recommend giving these providers a whirl.

For a similar level of volatility, check out Hacksaw Gaming and Spinomenal.

If you’ve got a soft spot for Thunderkick’s mechanics, Betsoft and Red Tiger should be right up your alley.

Pros And Cons Of Thunderkick

Thunderkick’s no newbie in the game. They’re seasoned pros who’ve chosen to roll the dice on video slots – the casino scene’s big kahuna.

With a library of over 50 slot machines and a knack for pumping out fresh content, they’ve got their sights set on mind-blowing graphics and killer mechanics that keep the cash flowing.

No wonder they’ve got a cult following. There’s something for everyone!

Now let’s break down the pros and cons of this game provider, in all its glory.


  • A great variety in the volatility of slots
  • A high level of RTP and a nice maximum multipliers
  • Licenses from major regulators


  • No special interface for playing games from cell phones
  • No table games, live games and jackpots


With more than 10 years of successful development, the provider understands well what players like. That’s why some of its slots consistently rank high in user ratings. Beautiful graphics, interesting mechanics and high maximum multipliers are all things that describe provider Thunderkick well. Unfortunately, the developer cannot boast of a separate optimization of its slots for cell phones, but in general, this does not prevent players from enjoying the process even from smartphones or tablets.

Final score: 7/10


Is the provider licensed?

Yes, all of the provider’s games have been vetted by regulators, and it has several licenses from major organizations like MGA, GC, ONJN.

What are the maximum multipliers of the provider? Is it suitable for wagering bonuses?

The maximum multipliers reach x25000+ in some slots, but also there are games with low volatility, which is suitable for players who want to win back the wager.

Can I play company products on my phone?

You can, but keep in mind that a separate interface for cell phones does not, therefore on some devices the game will not be the most convenient.

Is there a common theme in the slots?

Common themes as such is not, the provider focuses on creating different and unique products, consequently, everyone will find a game for themselves.

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