Evolution Casino Games Provider

Evolution Casino Games Provider

We will look at one of the most prominent players on the market today, namely Evolution. Currently, under the aegis of this company, there are several well-known developers. Such providers as NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Ezugi and Red Tiger have been part of Evolution for a long time, even though they exist as separate brands.

Consequently, one of the company’s key features is the availability of all possible varieties of gambling entertainment. Here you will find everything from slots to famous live games, such as Crazy Time, Lighting Roulette, Monopoly, and even VR table games.

The Best Casinos With The Evolution Gaming

Since the company has offices globally and a vast game portfolio, it is easy to find its products in any good casino. Therefore, we have compiled a list for you of the best casinos that offer Evolution provider:

Full Review Of Evolution Gaming

Full Review Of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Provider was founded in 2006 in Europe. For more than 15 years on the market, the company managed to become from a small office, developing mainly games with live dealers, to a giant, taking under its aegis several successful developers and creating numerous products.

The provider divides its products into 20 categories, including everyone’s favourite video slots and various live dealer games. Furthermore, among their products are many unique game shows and table and card games.

As already noted, the provider is known for actively cooperating with various market players. This includes not only the collaboration between the major brands within the company but also outside it. And also an active 24/7 support for its clients, providing additional marketing activities aimed at customer retention and actively attracting new players.

Provider history in dates

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006 and initially developed games with live dealers.

In 2010, it received several awards at international exhibitions for the first time.

The opening of mobile development marked 2012.

In 2013, it opened its first studio in Spain and also celebrated the creation of 100 live tables in its Riga studio.

Evolution opened a studio in Malta and adapted some live tables for different languages a year later.

In 2015, it opened a studio in Belgium, launched Dual Play, and was also added to the Nasdaq First North Premier.

In 2016, Evolution expanded the development staff with openings in the Estonian and Dutch divisions.

In 2017 Evolution was added to the Nasdaq Nordic Index and launched its first live-action game, Dream Catcher.

In 2018, acquired provider Ezugi launched the Lighting Roulette live game series and opened a studio in Los Angeles, USA.

In 2019, one of the most popular live games was released, namely Monopoly. And also a game based on the popular TV series Deal or No Deal.

In 2020, the company bought two well-known providers, NetEnt and Red Tiger, and launched the Crazy Time game show.

In 2021, game developer Evolution released a game show, Gonzo’s Quest, as well as acquired Digiwheel and Big Time Gaming.

Evolution Gaming these days

Today, Evolution continues to actively develop products across the board, releasing probably the best live games. It is also worth noting the presence of a colossal staff both within the brand and in its subsidiaries, such as Red Tiger, Big Time Gaming and NetEnt. Each of them is engaged in producing its products, which is positive in the crowded market.

What Does Game Provider Offer?

What Does Game Provider Offer?

Evolution Gaming offers games of almost any type, filled with high-quality pictures and various mechanics. A particular emphasis should be placed on the high level of software reliability and adaptation of products for mobile devices of various operating systems. Next, we would like to elaborate on each of the features.

Software quality

Software quality

Games from Evolution are built on modern HTML5 architecture, which allows them to have a high-quality picture and a great variety of game mechanics. And a good level of adaptation for mobile devices.

Range of games

Range of games

One of Evolution’s greatest strengths is its gaming portfolio. Of course, the key area of development is live games, which have no analogues in the market. These include table and card games as well as various game shows such as Crazy Time, Monopoly, Gonzo’s Quest and many more.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

With more than 15 years of active live game development, the provider has managed to create its own style and form a reliable software structure. Another confidence factor is that they have major licenses and certification of random number generators by independent laboratories.

Adapting for mobile devices

Adapting for mobile devices

The company’s games are perfectly adapted for mobile devices of various resolutions. You can play them, including live games, from your computer and cell phones or tablets. The video quality remains at a high level. Therefore, players from mobile devices do not have any inconvenience.

Provider Licenses

Evolution Gaming Licenses

The provider has numerous licenses from regulators around the world. Here are some of them:

  • License from AGCC (Alderney)
  • Licence from BGC (Belgium)
  • Licence from HGC (Greece)
  • Licence from MGA (Malta)
  • Licence from UKGC (United Kingdom)
  • License from NJDGE (New Jersey, USA)
  • Licence from PGCB (Pennsylvania, USA)

Evolution Gaming Vendor Features

Evolution Gaming Vendor Features

Since the provider is known for its live games, we would like to review the main features of its games briefly. It should be noted that its game shows are characterized by interesting mechanics and high maximum multipliers reaching x1000000. Another important aspect is the high level of RTP, especially in card games. Now we will tell you about all this in more detail.

Basic mechanics

The provider’s most popular product is live game shows, so let’s look at a few mechanics from these games.


Crazy Time

A feature introduced in the eponymous game. When this sector comes up on the game wheel, a special bonus game starts, in which players are transferred to a giant wheel containing sectors with winnings or doubling/tripling. Before beginning the spin, you choose the colour you will play for. If a multiplier sector comes up, your bet will be increased by the relevant number of times. If doubling/thrashing is rolled, the game is restarted, and all current multipliers are doubled/tripled.


Gold Ball Bonus Round

When the gold ball falls out, a bonus game is triggered, during which you are insured against ”crash” and watch the multiplier increase. Presented in the game show Cash or Crash.



When the Chance sector is on the wheel, players get either a cash reward or a random multiplier, which will apply to the following free spin. The mechanics are presented in the game Monopoly.


Lucky Numbers

Before starting the roulette spin, random numbers are selected that get random multipliers from x50 to x500. The mechanics are presented in the game Lightning Roulette.


Mega Ball Draw

After hitting the main balls, a random multiplier is generated for the mega ball, from x5 to x100. It applies to the combination that will complete the mega ball itself. Presented in the game show Mega Ball.

Maximum multipliers in slots

We have prepared for you a graphic table with the four most popular game shows of Evolution Gaming and their maximum multipliers:

GameMaximal multiplier
Mega Ballx1000000
Cash or Crashx50000
Crazy Timex25000
Gonzo’s Treasure Huntx20000

Provider RTP

Due to the large number of various games, it isn’t easy to talk about the average RTP of the Evolution provider. To better understand the picture, we have compiled tables of the 3 most popular games of different series with their RTP.

RTP of the three most popular game shows:

GameRTP, %
Cash or Crash99,59
Crazy Time96,08

RTP in card games:

GameRTP, %
Lighting Blackjack99,56
Infinite Blackjack99,49
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker99,49

RTP in table games:

GameRTP, %
Roulette (French)98,65
Lighting Roulette97,30
Roulette (American)94,74

Evolution Distinguishing Characteristics

The main feature of Evolution Gaming is the presence of the highest quality live games and many online slots. But as for the slot machines, they are developed together with the leading providers under the aegis of Evolution.

Another essential feature is the focus on players around the world. This was made possible by opening more offices around the globe, and obtaining key licenses, without which it is not possible to work officially in several countries.

And of course, we could not do without clever marketing, which includes some promotions for players. They include various vouchers and bonus packages that allow you to win additional rewards by participating in the provider’s games.

Popular Games From Evolution Gaming

Popular Games From Evolution Gaming

Initially, the provider started to develop live dealer games for casinos, becoming an innovator in this direction since this sphere was not actively represented back in 2006. When creating their games, it still follows several principles, such as well-coordinated teamwork and producing quality and unique products. So, we see the result. Undoubtedly, Evolution is number 1 in the field of live dealer games. That is why we would like to tell you more about its most popular game shows.

Crazy Time

This is a game show in which the host spins a wheel. Before each spin, a random symbol is selected, and a multiplier is applied to the winnings when that sector is on the wheel.

There are eight possible variations of sectors on the wheel. Of these, 4 are number boxes that multiply your bet by the number by default. As well as 4 bonus game boxes, each of which triggers a specific game. Let’s look at the options for bonuses in more detail:

Crazy Time. After a fall, the biggest and most exciting bonus is that you are transferred to a giant wheel. You choose one of the three colours, and then the spin begins. During a spin, each colour can fall either a multiplier by which your bet is multiplied or sector Double/Triple, which starts a new spin for the colour that fell out, but with the doubled/tripled multipliers.

Pachinko. Analogous to the famous Japanese slot machine. The host throws a glowing ball from above, which rolls down through the maze and falls into one of the cells. Cells represent random multipliers or sector Double, which doubles all presented values, and then a new game is started.

Cash Hunt. There is a special playing field on which random multipliers are hidden behind the various pictures. Before you start, you choose a place to shoot, after which the playing field scrolls and the icons open, showing the dropped multipliers.

Coin Flip. The classic coin flip, which has two colours, red and blue. Before starting, a random multiplier is chosen for each color, and then the host puts a coin and shoots it inside the slot machine. Depending on which colour the coin falls up, the specified multiplier is paid out.

The main feature of this game show is the dynamic multiplier, which increases one type of sector by a random value from x2 to x50 before the wheel starts spinning.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

The inspiration for this game show was the slot Gonzo’s Quest from the NetEnt provider.

Before starting the game, you pick the type of stones you want to search for. The higher the payout for the stone (from x1 to x65), the lower the chance of finding it. Then you select the number of cells you would like to open (up to 20). Then, depending on the number of cells you buy, you pick the stones on the wall, and the game starts.

Gonzo rotates the key, and bonuses are displayed on top, which falls and stop on a random cell, increasing its winnings. A total of 3 types of bonuses are available:

  • Bonus Prizes. They add random values to hidden stones.
  • Multipliers. Multiplies all visible values by a random multiplier of x2 to x10.
  • Re-Drop. It starts a re-drop game and allows one stone to get several additional values or multipliers at once.

Towards the end, the whole playing field is opened, and if you have found the stone type of your choice, you get the relevant prize.

Cash or Crash

Extraordinary game show with maximum multipliers reaching x50000 of the bet.

The game is a lottery drum, which contains balls of 3 colours: green, red and gold-coloured ball. Before the game starts, you place a bet, and then one ball is randomly pulled up from the machine. If it is green, the game continues, and your bet is multiplied. If it’s red, the game ends, and you lose your bet. And if it’s gold, you get “protection” from the next red ball. Also, after a green ball, you can either continue the game, take your bet and winnings, or take only half and continue the game with the rest.

Providers with similar mechanics

It’s hard to find an Evolution analogue, especially in terms of quality live games. Nevertheless, some other providers also develop perfect products, both game shows and various card games and roulette. For example, we recommend paying attention to Pragmatic Play, BetGames and Swint.

Pros And Cons Of Evolution Gaming

Nowadays, provider Evolution is known for its live games and as the owner of major brands such as NetEnt, Red Tiger, and BTG. From this, it follows that its main advantage is the high game variety and the quality of its products. We have presented the main pros and cons of the provider in a visual form.


  • Probably the best live games
  • Wide game portfolio
  • A vast number of licenses
  • Excellent localization and mobile adaptation


  • New game shows are released quite rarely
  • Slots are developed by subsidiaries


In conclusion, I would like to say that Evolution Gaming has definitely taken the lead in live dealer games and game shows. Moreover, in just 15 years, it has grown from a small company to a significant player in the market, owning not only its brand but also several other major companies with decades of history.

All this was made possible thanks to a special approach to development and a conscious understanding of responsibility to the players. After all, to become popular, it is not enough to develop unique products, you always need to fill them with quality and interest. And also to follow the current trends in the industry, not forgetting to reward players for active play regularly.

Final score: 8/10

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Evolution Gaming develop?

Evolution is primarily engaged in developing games with live dealers and various game shows. It is noteworthy to mention the active development and production of video slots under such brands as NetEnt, Red Tiger, and Big Time Gaming.

Does the provider have a license?

The provider has one of the most extensive license collections, which include licenses not only from European regulators but also from U.S. regulators.

What markets does Evolution focus on?

Evolution focuses on markets worldwide since it has offices in more than 20 countries. And its games are translated into different languages.

Can I play live games from my cell phone?

It is possible as the games are well adapted to different operating systems and permissions.

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